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A Little Help to Improve Myself


After reading the 8 ah-ha moments article I realized that my nutrition sucks and that I'm not making the amount of progress I should be because of it. I decided to improve my nutrition but I just need a little help.

I figured out the amount of calories I should be eating through one of the formulas in the website so I'm starting out with 3173 calories(I'm 17 and weigh 158 pounds) and tweaking it throughout the first couple of weeks.

I followed this article http://www.T-Nation.com/article/bodybuilding/nutrition_for_newbies_part_1&cr= and got that I should be eating 427g of carbs(1707 calories), 200g protein(800 calories), and 74g of fat(666 calories). Now my problem is that I really don't have much experience with this so I don't know if it's right or not.

My question for you guys is does this food intake look like it would be right for a 17 year old who weighs 158 pounds and wants to gain muscle? I just don't want to start out my good eating habits only to find that I did something wrong. Any input is appreciated.


Also I forgot to ask if it is that much different if I evenly divide my food intake to 5-6 meals that consist of protein,carbs,and fats or should I keep breakfast carb and protein then 2-3 meals of protein and fat and then my pw drink and my carb and protein meal about an hour later.


I think at your age you should just KISS (keep it simple stupid)

You're 17 years old, you don't need to worry about macronutrient levels and even if you did....you're 17 years old...it would be very hard to stick to strict macronutrient calcs if you're out with friends, not buying your own food, etc.

How tall are you? Even if you're 5'5" you don't weight all that much. If you really want to be bigger and stronger just make sure you're busting your ass in the gym and you really only need to worry about protein. Make sure you're getting 1g per lb of bodyweight a day.

Eat as much whole foods as you can (veggies, fruit, meat, dairy) and less carbs except after your workouts.

Follow a good program like Rippetoes starting strength (search for it)

good luck



You're right I guess. I was willing to try to eat as close to the stuff I put up there as I could but it was going to be mad hard and I don't know how long I would have lasted. So I guess I'm just going to keep it simple and just eat a lot but as cleanly as possible.

I'm still gonna try to eat like 5-8 times a day though and I'm gonna make sure I get my protein with every meal other then that I'm going to take it easy with the macronutrient timing. I'm 5'6" pretty much 5'7" and I'm on the WS4SB program. Thanks for the help man