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A Little Help to Gain Weight?

Hello everyone. i just joined up tonight and was hoping for a little advice from some of you who are much more experienced in this area than me. I started working out just over a month ago with some 5 kg dumbbells that I bought doing different types of exercises I could find(including bicep curls and squats among other things). I also took T Boosters 6x daily for a month while doing these workouts and worked out maybe about 2 times a day 5 days a week but I wasn’t very strict so the pattern was somewhat irregular. I also had a 50-70g average protein intake on the days when I worked out but this was also irregular and I didn’t do this on the days when I didn’t train. My strength definitely increased and the workouts became gradually easier but I’m not sure if I gained any muscle mass. My arms looked slightly stronger.

My weight just goes up and down between 36kg and 38kg and continues to do so. I’ve just had a week break after my boosters ran out but am planning to start again tomorrow with a similar regime but this time stricter on myself. I’m planning on doing 2 moderate workouts a day on all days unless I really need to rest. These workouts will be different exercises with my dumbbells same as before. As I hopefully gain strength I will increase the number of sets I am doing in a workout. I will order a new batch of boosters and take them 6x daily as I did before for another month. My protein intake will be 80-100g everyday. I will limit my calories to 1000 as I also did before to avoid gaining any body fat in the process. I also have carbs and don’t count them but my fat intake will be kept low(under 15g daily).

Also, I am vegan so most of my protein comes from vegan soy/wheat meat and quorn vegan meat along with lentils and all sorts of beans(lentil and bean pastas as well) plus high protein veg like peas. I also eat high protein bread for sandwiches and high protein crackers. I’m planning on doing this for about a month before revising and amending it again.

Do you guys think this is a good enough plan and be effective for me(as in I gain muscle mass plus hopefully lose any fat). I want to actually be able to see and feel the changes with my body so I look stronger and more muscular(not weak and fragile) but still remain lean. Any advice you can give me will be highly appreciated. I am just a beginner and really need it.

1000kcal a day is tiny, even at your weight. You need to eat more to grow.

This is really unspecific. What would a typical workout look like?

Not gonna happen with 5kg DB’s. I’d say chinups would be more effective for biceps than curls with those, and as far as your back, chest, and entire lower body, you will struggle to make any noticeable gains using them.

Are you unable to go to a gym? Unable to buy any more of your own equipment? If yes to both (which I doubt), then just do lots and lots and lots of pushups, chinups, and walking lunges. The DB’s can be used for curls, tricep work, and shoulder work, but you need to stress your body more to see real change. Invest in a gym membership, or buy more weights, and you’ll hit your goals much faster.

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Try inverted rows if you can’t do chin ups.


For sure.

And, @superstarsuperhero , I also meant with your experience. I think curls are great, and I love getting a bicep pump as much as the next guy, but when you’re just starting out, and need to just get bigger/stronger, chinups will have more effect on the biceps than curls, at least for now.

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Great feedback from everyone. But this is screaming troll unless this kid’s like 10 or 12

In which case you shouldnt be taking “T-Boosters”.


Couple of really important questions:

Are those numbers correct and not typos?

How tall are you?

How lean or fat are you? (A general description is fine - ab definition, love handles, etc. Forget about percentages.)

How old are you?

Sorry, but I have to ask… are you a guy or a girl?

This will definitely not help you gain weight and will actually be counterproductive unless/until you get your nutrition figured out.

Why not? Especially as a vegan, carbs are going to be a large source of your calories. Monitoring them can be useful.



I’m not a troll. I’m 16 and I’m skinny alright. I’m 150cm tall and I’m a boy. Sorry if I wasn’t doing it right, I’m just beginning. Anyway, thanks for all of your advice. It was helpful. :slight_smile: I can’t go to a gym or buy any more equipment because I don’t have any money but I’m trying to get as much out of those dumbbells as possible. I’ve now started to add pushups and walking lunges to my workouts. Usually I do 2 exercises with 12 sets of 12 reps of each exercise in a workout- is this alright?

Ok this explains allot… I actually had a training partner who is 146cm .

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30 some kg is still small even for a teenager. The red plates are 25kg each. He weighs less than two of those - no matter what his height is, he’s pissing in our pockets.

Eat a lot of real food. 3 full body workouts a week. Focus on compound multi joint exercises per body part. I.e. bench press, military press, pull/chin ups, squat, deadlift, etc. Keep a log and time your rest intervals.

There are ultimately 3 major aspects to building muscle:

  1. Stimulus, i.e. weight training. Go hard, go heavy, go consistently. If you can’t afford the gym (maybe your school or community center has one you can use for free or cheap) then make your 5 kg dumbbells feel heavier by focusing on the contraction and slowing down the movement. Eventually you will need heavier weight.

  2. Fuel. You need to eat to grow. 1,000 calories won’t cut it, even at your weight. Use an online calculator to estimate your Total Daily Energy Expenditure (TDEE) and add a few hundres extra calories on top of that.

  3. Rest. Muscles grow when you rest, not when you lift. You need to give your muscles adequate time to recover before training them again. You might consider a Push/Pull/Legs (PPL) split and do that twice a week.

Also, dump the T-boosters. They’re garbage only designed to fleece unsuspecting rubes out of their money. Use the money you spend on that for a gym membership or more quality food.

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Sorry for asking

Why? whats your rationale for this?
Vegetarian/pescatarian totally fine,
but vegan will make things very hard in your situation, stunt your growth even

avoid soy like the plague.

Get some bands like monster-mini, tons of moves/arm work you can do with them.
Get a copy of Josh Bryants book Jailhouse strong has very good bodyweight routines. Good ideas here also…

As other said eat way more also. 1000 calories will stunt your growth. You have 2-3 more years to potentially get taller make the most of them. -Aim for 2000 cals every day and have junk meal every 3-4 days until you hit 60kg/140lbs.
Drink gatorade/watered down fruit juice throughout training session.
Make sleep a priority also.

Joe Defrancos hour of power in this article worth trying as well…

No. That doesn’t make sense.

Do this:

And follow the rest of the advice in this article.

You have no business taking Testosterone boosters. Using them was a mistake and they can do more harm than good at your age. Put that money towards food.

Aim for 3 big meals every single day, but keep the fake meats to a bare minimum, if any at all. Stick to real food, not pretend food. Also, there’s no reason to keep your fat intake low, because fats are essential to growth and hormone function.

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Or gym access/heavy stuff. A 20kg bag of builders sand costs a few quid near me. You could probably buy several of those for the price of your t boosters and they’ll do a much better job.

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In another life when I was teaching gym class, I brought in a 50-pound bag of dry dog food for the kids to lift and carry. It did the job good enough… until it broke open and one of the kids started eating it on a dare.

So, yep, definitely a good option. (The sand, not the dog food, because sand is cheaper. Also, sand is vegan-friendly.)