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A Little Help From my Friends

Hi all,
I’ve been reading these posts for a while and have gotten lots of great advice.

I have been going through a bulking cycle for a while(with good results) and doing a cutting cycle currently. I’m in the second week of the cutting cycle and I’m a little more sore than usual. My question is: Can I continue to workout my same way, lose a little bodyfat and continue to gain strength without losing LBM?

A little history, I started working out as a fat bastard: at 19, 5:11, 210 LB. I worked out hard and got myself down to 160. I stayed that way for a while and was cool.
I started workingout seriously again about 2 years ago when I was 29. I went from 160 to 187. My BF increased a little, my waist stayed about same, but I gained lots of mass and strength. I would like to keep my mass and strength and lose some of the BF.
Should I change my workout so that its not so quite intense or should I change my diet to occomidate?

your going to have to drop the volume of your workouts but this doesnt mean you need to drop the intensity. You don’t have enough colories now to support the recovery of long intense workouts, but you can still gain strength and do a good job of keeping LBM mass by keeping the reps low and weight heavy.