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A little help from my friends Bill or Brock Please!?

I’ve gone through two cycles of androsol and one of nandrosol, and I’ve gained 12 lbs. and kept most of it. That last cycle ended about 6 weeks ago. 2 weeks each cycle, and no inhibition, no hair or gyno trouble.

I got a bottle of the other guys andro spray- you know who I mean, for christmas, and I figured I use it now. It’s been 3 days of the regular dosing, and I’m getting puffy nips- like water- sort of bulgy. I can kinda press the nips in a little. What the fuck is that??? Is there something up with that product??? I never had any problem at all with the Biotest stuff. Bill, Brock any input?? Thanks in advance!

Well, unless he has changed his formulation
from being only diol (4-AD, nor-4-AD) with no dione (androstenedione, norandrostenedione), there shouldn’t be a gyno problem with his products. There are other problems but not that. I would suppose that what you are seeing is a coincidence and isn’t the development of gyno.

(Unless the product now has androstenedione or norandrostenedione in it. Since these are cheaper per kilo than the diols, maybe that’s a possiblity but I do not know.)

Bill, is that legal to change the formulation? Cause thats pretty low if they did. Is there any way to tell if it is gyno? What would be a warning sign past a little water logged nipple?

The only “nipple” problem I had with the competing brand is that it was incredibly irritating to my skin (as Bill predicted it would be). After I sprayed it on my chest for a couple of days, my nipples became incredibly dry and sore (sensitive); after I stopped consitently spraying one area and spread it out a bit, the soreness went away. The Androsol sprayer is clearly far superior in that regard.

Intense painfulness usually precedes any actal gyno formation.

It certainly isn’t legal to change the formulation if the label doesn’t change along with it – I was assuming that if there was a change then you could see that from the label.
I doubt they did change it because they are, for obvious reasons, down on androstenedione.

By the way, the irritation from the IPM in
the other product is most likely not from
there being enough to draw out skin lipids (which is highly irritating) but from contamination with myristic acid. I’m not saying their stuff is contaminated – can’t say that without analysis – but unless you buy the very highest and most expensive grade of IPM it is always contaminated with myristic acid, which is irritating. However, I’m sure that they are not doing that deliberately – they simply don’t know enough about the matter to be aware of this fact about IPM. (I only happen to know it because I use IPM all the time in my academic research in transdermal drug delivery.)