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A little help for a t-man in training

A little background first: my training goal (beside improve football performance) is to increase overall strength (especially squats and bench since I am tested in those two). I am also would like to remain the same weight (currently 215 @ 13% while improving my body composition (215@ 10% ) over the next 12 weeks, I will be following JMB’s don’t diet eating around 4320 calories (which works out well because it will be hard to eat a lot since I have school and football practice)….enough background, on to my small dilemma…. I still have yet to decide on a training program I have narrowed down my selection to Charles Staley’s Convergent Phase Training using Bench, squats, and power cleans as core lifts or using a modified westside program ( sun-max DL/squat, mon-max bench, Wednesday max pull-ups, Thursday dynamic bench)….any opinions, comments, or suggestions would be greatly apprenticed

I would think that the Westside style of training would be better because it will help you increase your strength and still have much carryover for football. Staley’s program is good, but might not have as much carryover to football. Renegade training is another good option.

Thanks nate dog, you make a very good point, I have decide to ditch the CPT. I am leaning towards the westside, renegade training would be a great one to follow but as much as everyone (including myself) knows the bench press isn’t a good mark of football performance it doesn’t look good filling out forms for college ball and having to write that your max is you weight (I am now hanging my head in shame) so I want to focus on not just improving my football performance but my lifts as well…before I upset the old coach I plan on devoting 12 weeks before my lax season to renegade training, right now I am impatiently waiting for a follow up on Coach Davies article to see what a renegade rowing day looks like (BTW, great article this week, I love going into the gym and doing exercises no one has ever seen before)

what position do you play, i am currious.

Dt and tackle