A Little Flameout/BCAA Help

I just got Flameout and BCAAs today. To follow a program, it suggested that I take around 6-10g of fish oil throughout the day and 5g of BCAA about 4 times per day. I was wondering how many softgels are required to meet 6-10g of fish oil(Flameout) in a day, and how many tablets are needed to meet the 5g of BCAA. Does 1 serving of 4 Flameout softgels meet the 6-10g? Same for BCAA, does 1 serving of 3 tablets constitute 5g, in which case, in a day I would take 12 tablets?
Thx for the help in advance.

4 Flameouts should be all you need in a day, and 4 Biotest BCAA tabs is 5g of BCAAs.