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A Little Fatty; Working Towards Shredded


Hey to everyone on here, ive only known about this website for around a week and it has kept me absolutely busy with loads of articles and posts reading non-stop over that time..

well.. i didnt know where else to post this besides in here as i am a beginner..

Little bit about my current flabby crap body.. im 18, rocking a pretty heavy weight of 110kg.. which translates into apparently 242 lb... (2.2lb = 1kg... 110kg x 2.2.. am i right?..) also about 5'11.

ive had a fair amount of history with the gym, i know the basics, ive started working out this year already, seen a bit of progress.. but there is still one main question i NEED ANSWERED.

and that is... "eat, eat, eat, eat" ... SO.. the real question.. Does this eat method still apply to someone as large as me? as in ive practically already got the fat sitting there do i really need to keep eating to bulk up? wont this just make me 'fatter' in the long run?

.. quite a long post for that simple question..

thought i would just introduce myself and say thanks to everyone who has contributed awesome information.. and thanks in advance to any replies.



Do you know your body fat percentage? I think most would not recommend starting an all-out bulk if your BF is above about 15% or so. If you cannot get measured, look for websites that have pictures - if you look more like the guy at 25% than the guy at 15%, you should probably cut the fat before you bulk.

Get with a good program and continue to lift heavy to preserve muscle while you gradually reduce calories while keeping protein levels high until you see the fat coming off. Keep searching this site for more info.


I'd lose the bf first, you should be able to gain muscle and strength along the way and your body will thank you for it.

You're going to have to measure your intake and make changes as you go, everyone's different and just like with training you're going to have to try things out and see what jives with your mentality/physiology.

Check out the anabolic diet as it's more for endo's.

Personally I would recommend that whatever you do it should follow the trend of limiting carbohydrates to breakfast and around exercise (pre/peri/post) and increasing protein intake to 1.5/lb

Look at Synergy's thread stickied at the top of the bodybuilding forum for more diet ideas.


I think you still need to eat, but since the majority of your weight is probably excess fat (I'm assuming because you said you were a beginner) you should probably start changing your dietary habits. Protein is absolutely necessary to build muscle, and the right kind of fats are needed to keep your body working in good condition. Carbohydrate manipulation will help with energy, fat loss and muscle building when used properly. Losing weight and building muscle is going to require you to look at your diet and replacing the bad stuff with the things I just listed.

Start off slowly. Perhaps instead of a bag of chips for a snack, consider eating a can of tuna instead. If you use margerin for cooking, try switching it to olive oil. Instead of ordering that fast food joint's burger/fries/cola combo, cook some turkey burgers and sweet potatoes at your house.

Gradually start doing this for each one of your meals. Do it over the course of a few months, while putting as much intensity in your workouts as possible. Most people revert back to bad eating habits if they try to go from a junk food diet to a 100% healthy diet without any sort of transition.

Ideally, you're going to want to eat at least 1 gram of protein per pound of body weight per day. Your protein can be consumed at any point in the day, although some suggest that the best times to consume are breakfast, pre/post-workout and right before bed. Fats can be consumed at any time as well. For carbohydrates (excluding things like green, leafy vegetables), keep them limited to breakfast and pre/post workout. Timing carbs around your workout helps make insulin work to your advantage, taking nutrients from the blood and depositing them into the muscles instead of storing it as excess body fat.

Simply not eating as much while starting a weight training program will work to an extent. You will probably lose some body fat just from the transition of a sedentary lifestyle to a more active one. However, to BUILD MUSCLE you will still absolutely need to eat enough protein to warrant muscle growth when your body is repairing itself after your workouts.


Great information, knew there was a reason i signed up.

ive already modified quite alot of my diet, heres today so far:

Breakfast: 3 eggs scrambled, with a glass of water + 3 scoops of 'Sustagen sport' (dont know what you guys think about this specific drink but i find its great)

Snack: tin of tuna

'Lunch': home made smoothie: 2 bananas, scoop of 99% fat free vanilla icecream, drop of vanilla essence, skim milk, handful of frozen berries, and a couple almonds. i was thinking of even adding oatmeal to it but thought it may be too overkill.


Post workout: i was thinking maybe sardines and ill buy some cottage cheese on the way home

Dinner will be something along the lines of chicken wraps with salad

any criticism?



Hey man, yeah your diet is far from perfect but definatly not the worst we have seen.

Any way here is what I would change.

Breakfast, if your having 3 whole eggs add 3 egg whites to bump the P

Snack, add in some olive oil for them good fats, or even better rplace the tune for a can of salmon.

Lunch, Terrible. Use 2 scoops of any kind of protein powder(or 6 egg whites/ or half a cup of cottage cheese but for the love of god get the protein in man), 1 banana, handful and a half of frozen berries, vanilla essence, almonds and some oats. Drop the ice cream and the milk in favor of the proetin.

PWO, I will only say this once MOST IMPORTANT MEAL OF THE DAY. You need a good dose of protein, some good fats and a nice bang of carbs. I would suggest any kind of lean protein(fish, meat etc) and then something like veggies, sweet potato or even fruit.

Seriously bro, where are the veggies?

Dinner, I would drop the wrap in favor for green veggies and some more healthy fats like another spoon of olive oil.

Right dude, hope this helps.


great info thanks, one of my mates recently said to add in the raw eggs to a thickshake he said u cant taste it, i was skeptical haha


If you are a chubby-newb (like me) I'd recommend against drinking your meals. Guys with more muscle mass and who are on the go constantly need something to slam as snacks, pre- and post- workout etc. From where I sit people don't get fat just because they are sedentary most people get skinny fat. Just saying must of us big guys don't have the ideal relationship with food.

From my perspective, as a guy goin' through it, work on eating clean. 4-5 meals a day, all with good protein. Once you lose fat and gain muscle you might need to start pounding shakes but right now those calories aren't in the best form for staying satiated. If you really want/need to do shakes keep it to post workout where you want fast absorbing carbs and fast whey protein. Otherwise you are likely to bump your blood sugar, crash, get tired, crabby and hungry repeat until fat...it's not good.



I drink raw eggs. There isn't much of a taste, but a slight slimy texture. Shouldn't be a problem mixed in a shake.


2 Major comments:

Post workout: You might want to invest in a good quality whey, like Grow! 2 scoops after a workout is a guaranteed 40 grams of protein. A shaker bottle is a really good investment too.

Protein intake: Up it! To start, I'd say you want some lean protein (fish, chicken, good cuts of beef) at every meal and some veggies (broccoli, spinach, peppers, and the like).

Also curious about what kind of program you're on...


ive been having my shakes during the workout or after the workout mate, so i think that counts as doing it right? thanks for all the other advice, chubby represent.. lol not proud..


Sounds good, i didnt really want to get into the supplements just yet as im eating quite alot of protein naturally.

as for the program, well i couldnt really call it a program, i need to write a strict one out and any input would be much appreciated, ill start with what i basically do..

Mondays: ill get in, 5minute warm up on the walking machine. head over to the 'med-x' machines which are the hydraulic based ones and do the whole circuit to get my body all pumped. then ill head into bench presses, bicep curls, skullcrushers, and other exercises i really dont know the names of but work the tri's and bi's and chest in one day basically.. which is not the 'norm' i see around here.. then head into the boxing room hit up some pushups, speedball and boxing bag sweating like an arab in customs.

Tuesdays: squats, deadlifts, leg presses, and bike or walking machine for a good 20 mins or so overall for the cardio and extra leg workout

Wednesdays: i usually just stick to cardio these days but if i feel like my arms arent still sore from the monday ill hit up the weights on those parts for a while

thursdays: proper bi/tri/chest day unless i did it on the previous day in that case ill go back and do the squat/deadlift thing and more cardio

fridays: ive been dogging out on fridays a bit lately, ill usually just do an all round circuit thing on those hydraulic 'med-x' machines, mainly cardio.

thats it for now, although i know this isnt the norm of working out specific body parts im mainly focusing on the fat loss at the moment, that freaking abdominal fat is hard to move.. sigh..

oh another side note, i have been taking L-Carnatine 20mins pre workout as its a great supplement to increase the movement of body fat, im sure some of u know what im talking about, any input on this?

cheers, long ass post.


Whatever your goal you should make sure you have a balanced workout, this does not seem to be the case.

Other than deadlift you have zero work for your back which includes multiple major muscle groups, and depending on your body's leverages, form, technique etc. the deadlift may not be much of a back exercise at all.

Even if fat loss is your only goal, the weights should be a staple, the cardio should come second. I think most would agree that you will see better results from three-six lifting days with cardio afterwards than whatever mess you've got going on.

edit- re read your post, you know that your routine has problems, that is good. Check out this thread, there is a really well put together four way split about half way down the page. Try that on and see how you feel. http://tnation.T-Nation.com/free_online_forum/sports_body_training_performance_bodybuilding/do_this_routine_instead_of_that_dumb_one


just thought i would do a bit of an update, ive been following one of the routines that the guy posted in the stickies, and it seems to be going great, seen alot of progress lifting a bit heavier all round every week or 2 getting gains quickly, still gotta work on this gut of mine though.

ace out.


Awesome! Keep it up for the next year and you'll look like a completely different person.


First off, you need to lost the fat. You need to do this by eliminating carbohydrates and upping your fats and protein. I guarantee you will lose 10-15lbs in 3-4 weeks just by doing that and sitting on your ass.


To build on this - don't cut all carbs, you really need some quality carbs pre and post workout.

Also veggie carbs are okay. You're going to want to cut out the grain and sugar carbs, not ALL types of carbs.

Which program did you pick?

Ditch the straight milk ( that includes the fat free icre cream ), reduce your cheese intake, ditch the grains, consume loads of meat, lots of veggies, a little fruit, plenty of healthy fats ( nuts, olive oil, coconut oil ), follow you're program and consume some tactical carbs pre and post workout.

Do a search for pre and post workout recipes in the forums for some tips.

I'm not going to say good luck, just learn from your mistakes and keep at it.


As Formally Fat F__k myself, Yes, once the fat cells are there it is a bear to get them to die. So insulin surges are likely to cause fat storage.

Double blind studies show green tea worked in encouraging fat cell death.

You're 18, you've probably caught it before doing persistent endocrine or hormonal damage. Maybe even before insulin resistance.

I would think any consistent beginner program will work wonders. Sounds like you've selected one. If it is one that fits the constraints of your life equipment and you can do it, then commit to it for a sustained period, 6 months a year. A big mistake I see people making is switching programs frequently. Given the program time to work. This game is measured in years, not weeks.

Proper intensity and discipline and you'll be amazed what you can achieve in a year.

For the longest time, I got stronger and healthier, but looked mostly the same. It was only after I hit lift to body weight ratios that it really started to effect appearance. Basically > 1, on squats, deads and bench and .5 on Mp.


hi this is a late reply! ive been busy, i picked a routine from the sticky thread that Atg posted above, its the very last one on the first page (scroll right down the bottom), as im going to take the long road and hit up the bulk.

*im having these shakes mainly before workout to get my energy up, should i still cut it out?

im also f_cking stoked! im getting a trainer that offered to train me for free (family friend) who is an ex-bodybuilder who won some bodybuilding competitons in his 30's in Australia, NSW, so this whole routine may just go out the door cant wait to see what he has in stock for me going to start at his home gym next monday-ish.


seeing the exact same thing, getting bulkier, few lines appearing (woohoo haha) and definetly much much stronger then i was when i started, but still look basically the same with the stomach, besides the chest spreading out and looking a tad bulkier all over which is progress and its keeping my motivation up atleast, the good thing is i think ive been pushing myself for a while now that my body actually WANTS to work out, i was pissed off when i couldnt go to the gym on 'Good Friday'.. yeah 'good' what good did it do...

haha, so i did 30minutes on the exercise bike we have at home cause if i didnt i would of just felt like sh1t! not to mention that a good buddy came up after beinga way at university for months and i havnt seen him for that time and we got rowdy and i had 2 whole pizzas to myself, damn feel shit after the long easter weekend.. lol