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A Little Expert Advice

Hey guys I am running a little test cyp deca cycle. I am using 400 test pw and 300 deca pw. I am currently injecting 2 cc of test on monday and the deca on thursday.

My question is would it be better to inject 1cc of test on monday and 1cc of test on thursday. I have searched the forum but dont know how to word it to get the right andswer. Thanks guys.

Cyp has a longer esther so once a week is fine unless you like poking yourself alot. If that is the case you should have went with Prop.

Cyp is basically the same thing as Enanthate.

It should be injected 2X/week at a minimum, and preferably E3D. Once a week with cyp is just begging for a ride on the blodd level roller coaster.

EOD or E 3rd Day is probably preferable with test cyp as RJ said

Thank you guys.

I don’t know the depth of research you’ve done, but just in case you haven’t gotten to that point, I just want to remind you you’re going to want to run that as a long cycle for the deca to kick in. Just my two pesos.