A little challenge...

Hello T-Men,

Here’s a little challenge to all the knowledgeable people in T-mag and the forums. Here’s the deal. I have been training ala T-men style, with all the nutrion available in the US (ie. whey proteins, malto, dextro etc.) Now I’m going home to Malaysia to see my family for the summer and would like to continue training T-men style. The problem is, I don’t think if I can get my hands on any protein powder, and the raw stuff to make my own PWO.

I’m going to be home for 3 months and being Asian, our dietary habit is considerably different from what I have gotten used to here for the last 4 years. Heck we eat WHITE rice for every meal! Shudder…

My challenge/question to all knowledgeable people here is, what kind of REAL food can I eat to gain the same effects as whey etc. My biggest concern in PWO. What can I substitute in terms of real food to illicit the same effects? Thanks all for responding.


I had to think about this one a while. I kept leaning toward milk product which would be good PWO if you could find a low fat variety it wouls still be fairly fast acting.

I think I am now settled on egg whites being your best PWO bet. That and a plate full of that white rice you spoke of.

Being in Malasyia I could imagine it would be fairly easy to get ahold of some AAS if you were willing and of proper age and training. Then simply go on a massive bulk, get all the protein you can find and get massive while visiting home. LOL :slight_smile:

Hope that helps,

Milk is not really a common thing in Asia, as most of the Asian population is lactose intolerant… lol!

Eggs white sounds good. Do you mean to tell me that AAS distributes there? I’ll be damned! I was thinking of stocking up of malto and dextro and take it home, but since they are both white powders, I think the airport people would have a field day if they see that on my luggage!

Anyone else with any other ideas? Surely we have more knowledgeable people around! :slight_smile:

There have to be protein powders in malaysia.

Sooby,I don’t mean to rag on you but I am Malaysian and I live in US but when I go back home to visit family and friends,I also go back home to be Malaysian.Enjoy the culture and foods.You’re gonna spend many more years in US(I assume),training and eating right.A month of goin back to eat char kuey teow,curry laksa,teh tarik etc. while watching euro 2004 will not hurt you.Live a little.It’s only a month.Please don’t tell me you will not eat what your family cooks just because it isn’t 40-30-30.

Just come back to USA,then get back into gear.You’ll be fine.

I have to agree with Kazuma. I went to Japan for half a month and dropped my diet entirely. I would have broken it anyway, accepting it made me feel less guilty. (I even drank sodas, gasp!) Have fun, and pick it back up when you are back in the states.

Kazuma, Fnord,

I agree with both of you. I’m going to be home for 3 months, and don’t really want to stop entirely. I’ll probably be a little lax on my nutrition, but I’m going to continue to train as usual.

The reason I am being so concerned is that I worked REALLY hard to lose the pounds for the last 4 years and I don’t really want to lose all that. I guess I’ll just have to somehow adapt. Kazuma, which part of Malaysia are you from? I’m from Penang.


Yea I understand the part about not wanting to stop training because I was in your situation 2 yrs back.I just went with ppl’s advice on just enjoying my trip back home(doesn’t mean eat all the crap I can).

I am from Subang.I know someone from school here from Penang too.Enjoy your trip back home! I hate the damned flights.