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A Little Bit of Perspective...


For those hung up on race. The vids speak for themselves. Please discuss.


I want one I want one!!!


Was this inspired by Tanzania's new lawmaker?

I can't imagine the paranoia, he's right to fear for his life.


If we're lucky, when they run out of albinos to slaughter, they'll start with gingers.


Ironically, it's more about witchcraft and superstition than politics. I considered sprinkling dragon's teeth on the Rape-Axe thread because of the witchcraft angle, but I thought that the two clips complimented each other too well to post them in separate threads.

Guy in the first clip is a Pakistani muslim - all of his family are generally shunned by their community, but accepted by outsiders - not because of their condition, but because they appear to be caucasian.

There was also a segment on a black albino being called a 'wigger'.


^Wow guys, I am all for shock comedy, but we are talking about poaching fucking humans...


there is nothing good about the human species, things like this further that argument. If it wasn't for governments and armies we would be wiping each other out for simple rewards....oh wait we still do :stuck_out_tongue:


Well that convinced me.


Here's the clip:

Extremely thought-provoking stuff..


See!? This is what God throws at us for being so stupid and petty.
Fuck yer shit up!


That kind of comment is exactly why I started this. There's quite a complex reason for why I posted those clips together in one thread. Judging by your thinly-veiled sarcasm, you've missed it - surprise, surprise.

I was not trying convince racist posters of the error of their ways nor was I trying to raise awareness of albinism.

I was demonstrating how a congenital disorder leads people to make complete misjudgements about an individual's racial and social background. In the case of the African albinos being pursued for their skin and body parts there is, quite literally, a price on their heads because of their perceived "color" (the argument on barbarism and witchcraft in modern Africa can keep for another day).

Two different perceptions of color there. Both different, neither one racist in the "traditional" sense...

I don't need to look at your post history to have a more than fair inkling of how you interpreted my initial post. Badly. But please feel free to tell me what you really think.

One-dimensional thinkers need not apply.


I have to say that I am horrified about what is going on in Tanzania and neighbouring Burundi. This is the first time I've come across this info and it has really got to me esp. the child murders. The red cross have set up a refuge for these poor people/families, its worth checking out for those who care.

Child witches, religious persecution/massacres etc. some african nations are completely fucked up. It amazes me this info is not common knowledge yet the likes of lady gagas meat dress makes international news...

Apologies for thread hijack


they'e just people. I don't get it. I'm sorry but I guess I'm not smart enough.


I'm a british pakistani, only a few 100km from where that family live. Thanks for the link, I must track this docu down.


That's the interesting thing. It's not about "your" perspective, it's about how an ethnic albino is treated by people who are unaware of their condition.

It's more than just a study of albinism: it's a study of perspective and how society influences it. You need to watch the full documentary. I'll try to find a link to the whole thing. The clips don't really do it justice.


No need to apologize. It's genuinely spine-chilling stuff. Makes you think what a truly corrupt "government" creates. It's not common knowledge because people focus on the politics, rigged elections, etc. hoping that by making a few cosmetic changes (different leader) it will lead to civility and order.

The fact that this is happening is evidence that there is no political system to speak of. How can there be a "system" when this sort of thing happens? It's literally hell on earth. Except for the people lucky enough to be booked into "the penthouse suite".


No problem. I'm glad it piqued your interest. Perhaps the full doc is on Youtube.


Guess I don't see the big deal about the first clip - I mean, if I saw him I'd just assume he was a really white dude, so if he said he was pakistani, I'm sure I'd look surprised...you know, since he doesn't look pakistani. Maybe the rest of the docu covers something the clip doesn't.

That albino hunting is terrible, though.


That is the surprise. The doc shows how when he tells people he is a Pakistani albino, they don't take him at his word but try to tell him who and what he is based on how they see him. Even the passive reactions to his appearance were wrong.

Nobody correctly identified him or his siblings as albinos.

It's just a part of the real horror show. Witch medicine advises HIV sufferers that they can cure themselves by having intercourse with a virgin. You can guess what happens next.

As I said, this is a topic of some complexity...

I have a fair idea of how this came about, but I'm waiting for a PWI vet of a certain POV to turn up with some stats "proving" that "they" brought it upon themselves... but one dimensional thinkers need not apply.


And, people say my way is screwed up.