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A Little Acne

Got a little acne on my forehead anyway to get rid of that I’m taking 100mg maybe my e2 is to high?
And not to be werid but my nipples got those white things around them doesn’t bother me but I think that’s another sign

Probably should go get a blood test…for the mean time start using acne medication. My favorites are Neutrogena 2% salicylic acid cream wash, leave this on for 2 mins in the shower. Also start using retin a. A big pointer is they will also slow down the aging of the skin.

It’s obviously hormone related, but I find my skin is much clearer in general when I watch my diet, so maybe yours wouldn’t be as bad if you tried that either. Consuming gluten and dairy (except maybe protein isolate) are big no nos for my face.

Anything that increases inflammation (eg processed foods) and consuming far too much Omega 6s and not enough Omega 3s will worsen acne as well

Thanks for the replies I’ll give both a shot!