A little ABBH program help!

Im starting ABBH Monday, rotating off a successful, very successful muscle meltdown 6 week cycle. Im not the sharpest tool in the shed, but could someone please break down exactly what a day of ABBH is supposed to look like? Do I rotate exercises? I would really appreciate if someone could post a detailed example of what a ABBH day would look like. Thanks in advance.


It is very simple.

for example a verticle push/pull day @ 5 reps, 10 sets may look like this. Dependent on the excersizes u choose. We’ll use bench and BO Rows.

You would do 1 set of Bench @ 60 % of your 1rm max then rest one minute then 1 set BO rows @ 60% 1 rm max, 1 min rest, Bench 60% 1 min rest, BO rows 60% rest, etc.

Continue until you have done 5 sets. Then PWO shake & go home.

The next week you will up the load on this day to 65% 1 rm max.

It is same way for the lower rep work as far as supersetting goes. with 1 min rest between each excercise. Only your doing 10 sets for 3 reps @ 80% 1 rm max. On these days instead of changing the weight load weekly you up the rep load by 1 per set. So the second week 80% 1 rm 10 sets, 4 reps, then 5 reps the next week same weight.

That should do it.

If not just ask.


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