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A Litte Lost



I am male 26 weigh 170 pounds and I'm about 6ft. My body fat is currently 23-24%.

I have the legs and arms of a small child and every ounce of fat goes to my stomach, chest or back. I eat pretty clean when i am training but without to much progress i am kinda slack at the mo.

I have tried a few diets Anabolic being the best but i struggled to keep up when playing sport so gave up. I lost 10% boday fat the 3 months i was on it and my weight stayed the same but made some nice muscle mass progress.

The questions i have are

1) what kind of diet should i undergo, Carbs seem to make me gain weight fast but i struggle if i cut them out or down to low and don't switch over to using fat.

2) I am currently thinking about working out 4x a week doing 12,10,8,6 reps on my squats,deads,bench,rows and s press. Should i worry to much about cardio, i would like to regain my fitness but will struggle if i lower my carb intake.

3) With the correct training or nution plan will my body ever revert or metabolism change ?

Thanks in advance


1) Try a low carb, high fat diet. The best diets for guys who struggle with carbs are paleo based i.e. Lots of meat, lots of vegetables(especially green), a little fruit, some nuts, a drop of oil, no starch and no sugers.

2) Any kind of weight training will help as long as you make sure your putting in the effort, I suggest reading busting ass 101 by Dave tate. Basically 4 times a week is fine, stick too big compound moments and try to put weight on the bar every week. As for cardio, start light say a 20 Minute incline walk every day etc.

3) No, it is simply impossible to change your metabolic status, so figure out how hot yours runs and then work with it.


Sorry i should have put I am assuming carbs affect me... I guess i fall perfectly into the skinny fat guy group now. I want to bulk up my arms, legs chest etc but need to also trim my tourso and be able to keep up a good cardio rate for my sports.

Will take a look at the book, I have also found a few 5x5 workouts which look ok. If i drop starchy carbs and replace with lots of green veg will my body use them in the same way ? Sorry if that sounds silly


Nope, and that's the point. Sounds like your body is predisposed to storing carbs, so it's best to cut them back. Not saying to avoid them totally. Carbs are fuel and they're a great tool to use to push your performance, but you can't just gorge on them for no reason.

Somewhere along the line, I heard or read the phrase "earn your carbs" and it has stuck with me ever since. Doing a big squat workout today? Load 'em up. Shoulder day? Keep it low-carb.

Think about it... You gonna put 10 gallons of gas in your car every day when it's only 20 miles to work? Of course not. There's only so much room in the tank. Your body, on the other hand, will MAKE somewhere to put it.


Remember that a vegetable isn't corn or potatoes. Avoid those starchy ones. I'm from the south where these types of things are called vegetable by most so I'm just making sure you've got it.


that is not true


Can you explain further ?

Ok thanks for the feedback guys. My plan is to cut back/remove carbs on my rest day and replace with good veggies and eat more meats and good fats, protiens powders etc to make sure i get enough calories to repair.

On workout/cardio days i will have a carb meal pre workout while im doing 5x5 and my iso7 shake after and then go again cut carbs back for the rest of the day. Hopefully after 2-3 months i will have built my strengh up and can move onto splits and then work out which body part needs more fuel.



In most of the books Ive read its been a pretty apparent point that you cant "reinvent" your metabolism.

Now I know you can speed it up with things like constant feedings and high thermactic foods but I didnâ??t think you could change it.

Could you explain or link me too the info about it cause now im both stumped and fascinated:)


Sounds pretty solid dude, if your anything like me and dont deal well with carbs i.e. put on fat easily then your best bet is to follow an paleo-isc diet.

Lots of lean meats, lots of green vegetables, some fruit, little nuts, a drop or two of oil, no starch and no refined sugars.

Keep that in mind and Ill eat my hat if you ever run into issues diet wise:)


Metabolic workouts can boost your metabolism (hill sprints, sled pulling/dragging, bb complexes, etc). So does having more muscle on your frame (200lb @ 10%bf is higher metabolism than 170 @ 10%bf. EDT (look it up in the search engine if you don't know what I'm talking about) can boost your metabolism.


If you went on a bulk and gained 15 lbs of lean mass, would you have to increase your calories to continue gaining weight or would the surplus that gained those 15 lbs gain the next 15?

If you were 270 lbs and fat with a goal of losing 100 lbs of body fat, would you maintain the same deficit through out that entire process?

These examples should give some insight as to why that statement is incorrect. Also, thyroid function. That is all.


Think of it like thyroid conditioning. In that sense, it's analogous to saying that no matter how many prowler pushes you do, you're not going to improve your V02 max, lower your resting heart rate, or improve your cardiac output. You just admitted that you could speed it up. Isn't that changing it?