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A List of Supps Safe for BP?


I have been on BP meds for about 10 yrs....Started working out 1 yr ago and I have my BP under control without meds 122/74.......Can any of the supplements listed here raise blood pressure ...Rez-V, Metabolic Drive, MAG-10 Pulse, Power Drive, Surge Recovery, and possible others that is sold at this site.


If you're sodium sensitive, the Metabolic Drive and the Surge may negatively influence your bp. Power Drive can definitely raise bp. It converts to Norepinephrine and Epinephrine. They are vaso-constrictors which could result in elevated bp. I don't know about the others listed. But also relatively high in sodium are MAG-10, ANACONDA, Surge Workout Fuel and Surge Recovery, FINiBARs. Watch out for HOT-ROX and Spike, also.


well played


Thanks for the info........I am not sodium sensitive but I will leave off the Power Drive.

You think the Rez-V would be ok to take


No problem with that one.


what about Alpha Male and gpc?


Alpha Male contains Forskolin which, in some studies, interferred in the treatment of patients with heart disease. However it has also shown ability to lower BP.
GPC is fine.


Fish oil dude. Pound that shit. I am almost 6'2 at 220 lbs and have a BP of 105/55.


Thanks, looks like I finally have an excuse to switch from Power Drive to a-gpc.