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A list of reccomended diets on this site

So I have looked for the diets you guys talk about here but have found very few of them.
One of the big problems I have as a newbie is even when I do searches for information on this site, I may find old information or not get through the 100’s of returned articles or posts. Also being a newbie, its not a matter of not wanting to do the searches, its a matter of “knowing what to search for”. I hear about T-dog , fat fast, 5x5, etc etc. But when I do a search for 5x5 I get well over 100 hits becuse its used so often. Now don’t get me wrong here, I’m not unwilling to search and educate myself, its just that the layout of this site, as well as this message board doesn;t lend itself to efficency. I have emailed the webmaster regarding this board and its layout and he tells me that most of you have as well. He says they are working on their own software for the site and it will be done “soon” THe question I have today is how many of you are like me? Struggling to get the latest up-to-date information regarding certain aspects of dieting as well ass the diets themselves. Secondly, how many of you think that a hard linked section on this site ( maybe in the nav bar?) with links to the diets mentioned here would be helpful? Personally I think that disorganized information is just as bad as too little. Just as soon as I think I have all the info I need on a topic I find that there are several aspects of the topic that have changed due to nature of dieting/bodybuilding/cutting cycles/nutrition/ anyone else wanna chime in?

ok ok I found a list in the nav bar that has many of the diets you all talk about. Good gawd. I read the FAQ when I first found this site and totally forgot about it. I guess its all part of being a newbie. I’m sure I will garner the requisite flames, scoffs and well deserved “man what an idiot” posts. Flame on ! :slight_smile:

Sounds like you’re using the forum search engine and not the actual T-mag search engine on the main page. Also sounds like you need to click on the “Previous Issues” section and go visit the FAQ section T-mag has so nicely made for newbies. :slight_smile:

Just like any other internet search engine, I have found better results when you are more granular with your search. The more items in the search list, the better the information.

For instance, the other day I was investigating some Mag-10 issues. I couldn’t just type in Mag-10, as that would return a whole bunch of nothing. However, if I searched each issue individually, like “front loading”, I got some interesting things back. So, instead of just typing “Fat Fast”, try a related issue. Just a suggestion.

Not a flame, just some things to keep in mind:

Your first stop should ALWAYS be the FAQ for the first couple of months. There’s an enormous amount of information there, and it’ll take you a while to get through it.

Try different key words in your search. And be smart about it. If you post a search for “nutrition program” or “diet program” practically every post every made will appear. So try something like “reduction”, “lean out” reduced bodyfat" and so on. Be creative if you don’t get the response you want at first.

Make sure your key words are spelled correctly! :slight_smile: