A Light Workout Day

Jan. 9 and yes I hit it hard, somewhat.
OK got into the gym and we did a special bench day.

Warming up with the bar for 12 then stretching I did my set of 12 with 95lbs varying hand placement every 3 reps.

Then I hung the 25lb plates from the bar by chains and did 2 sets of 10, the 3 sets of 10 with 35lb plates. Doesn’t sound like much, but controling the weight with it swinging, slow reps, damn it felt great.

Then incline dumbbell presses for 6 reps, and seated cable rows palms down for 12 reps. I did the inclines with the 70 lb dumbbels and on the rows 140 and 160 for the 2 sets.

Then time for triceps hell. We did a triset of close grip bench presses with 135, overhead extensions with 45 on the stack, and then skull crushers with 50lbs. These were done for 11 reps each set, and 3 trisets, with the last set of skull crushers done for 12 reps to total 100 reps for the triceps. OH hell what a workout. My arms will feel it tomorrow.

The total time for this was about 45 minutes.

I don’t need your rockin’ chair.