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A Lifter with Great Potential

I’d just like to shine the spotlight on a friend of mine who’s also a great lifter. He’s only 19, but he’s a very gifted athlete. Keep an eye out for him. He trains at BIG and has lifted in the USAPL and APF. He currently hold Nebraska’s USAPL Teen Raw deadlift state record.

Here are some videos.

First meet in gear.

Squat training.

More training.

looked like he coulda pushed and pulled some more!

Yeah, that was his second attempt. He went for 705 on his third and couldn’t get his hips through. That would have gotten him top 10 on the Big Iron Gym deadlift records. As you can tell by the video, he was really fighting the suit on deadlift, so once he gets his issues ironed out, he’ll be pulling over 700 easily.