A Legend Passes...Red Auerbach

Let me start by saying that, im a lifelong laker fan and a native Philadelphian. So i hate the Celtics.

However, i must give respect to Red Auerbach. A man who helped build the pro game we love today.

I give him props for making the greatest draft day trade EVER.

1980 he trades the rights to Joe Barry Carroll, a 7-0 center from perdue. Million dollar talent attached to a .25c head.
Trades him to the GS warriors for their center Robert Parrish and the 3rd overall pick, which he uses to draft…Kevin Mchale, 6-11 f from Minn.


That combined w/ stealing Larry bird in the supplemental draft. Pretty much made them for the 80s

I heard another story today.
in the 1970 draft he selects Charlie Scott, a forward from UNC in the 7th round. Scott had left school early and was playing in the ABA for the Va. Squires. Most people thought red was throwing away the pick. Next year Scott jumps from the aba and signs w/ the Phx Suns. Red sys nothing, at the end of the season he calls Jerry colangelo and informs him that he owns the nba rights to scott. But rather than file a grievance w/ the league lets work something out. He gets a draft pick fromthe suns along w/ …Paul Silas! who helps the win the title 2 yrs later.

Red Auerbach, was a legend and he will be missed.