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A Leg Press Workout

Hi everybody,
I’m finally getting back to working my legs directly (only exception being deadlifts)after a series of injuries to my knees. The problem is I’m not sure how to go about doing this since I’m used to doing squats, deads, and stiff legged deads and I can no longer do Squats of any kind. I found that the Leg Press machine is a good workout for me and has no real stress on my knee joint (or at least not too much). So, I’m wondering if anyone here can help me get a workout to rebuild my quads and hams. The main thing I’m looking to do aesthetically is even out my legs(one has a 1" smaller circumference than the other) and then get them both to grow again. Function-wise I need to be as strong and powerful as possible in my legs since I’m a soldier/martial artist and rely on my legs for just about everything.
I think I can figure out a plan for my quads on the Press, but I know that the Leg Press doesn’t really work the hamstrings so I’m wondering who’s got a really good workout for that muscle group to compliment the quad work on the Leg Press…
Thanks in advance

Uni-lateral (one leg at a time) leg presses are great. I do them periodically to supplement my leg training.

Kill two birds with one stone: even out your leg size and get a tremendous leg workout.

I think that you should find an article on this site concerning the health of your knees before you go back to lifting heavy, even on the leg press. I recall a couple of good ones a while back. My advice is to make sure the joints are fully healed and strong before attempting to add mass to your quads. How did you screw your knees up? Was there some kind of imbalance, a lifting injury, or was it an accident? At any rate, if your knees are too weak to do squats then maybe you should focus on getting them strong.