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A Laugh for the BB'ers Here


Hey guys,

I'm new to the forum, but basicly I do powerlifting and boxing training. Anyway, here's a video I found about well.. it isn't really bodybuilding I guess.. but...

LOL, just check it out - is this guy being serious? I need some feedback here from the more experienced bodybuilders!

And especially this video in which he was was dissing Squatting and Deadlifting got milk squirting from my nose: .. oh wait I can't find the url of the vid (it is inbedded into the website). Is this "Rusty Moore" serious lol?

Check the first vid about the "Big 3"... please someone tell me this dude is crap?


Dear admin: Why was this thread moved from the Bodybuilding section? I mean honestly, as a beginner it did make me start worrying:/


Sorry you thread got moved, but these things come up a lot.

I mean you have seen the shake weight and every other product of bullshit out there.

Why would it be surprising that some twat is trying to make as much money as possible taking advantage of the ignorant masses?


Banks, politics and religion summed up in a single sentence.


Hey man I can multitask with the best of them.


Rusty has been discussed on here before.

I'm sure he's making his $, but he won't ever make it off me.


Okay is it just me or when you hear or see the name Rusty do you think of this guy?


i think it is just you (sorry) but that show is awesome