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A Late Start In Personal Training...

Anyone out there start late at the personal training game? I know The Nation can make fun of the “Bally’s trainer” types but, you gotta start somewhere right? Anyone start late?(I’d be a 40 yr. old freshman!, yikes), or get there without college? Truth is, I don’t care about English Lit 101 !..what about a more specific path? Thanks for any input, signed, the new guy.

There is nothing wrong starting now!

i dont get it? 40 years old being late to start what? weightlifting? noones too old to weightlift unless you are paralyzed or have injuries that wont let you.

if you mean going pro then at least in bodybuilding you may have a chance at some shows for… over 50 years old maybe.

but if its just to go to the gym then definitely no

I thought OP meant working as a “personal trainer”

[quote]marlboroman wrote:
I thought OP meant working as a “personal trainer”[/quote]

Now you confuseth me.

Wrong forum.

indeed wrong forum.

but if you truly think you know enough and are willing to(which you probably are if you posted this) then why not?

Go to this thread.
You might want to ask him. Started bodybuilding after he was 50. Became a personal trainer after 60.

I will check that other thread, thanks.
I’ve trained myself for quite awhile, lifting, kickboxing ect. But would like to get into training others as well. And by the way, what does the “OP” stand for? Just wondering…and what over forum would you suggest…see you all around, time to play!