A Lake of Fire

I swear to our Lord and Saviour, Christian Loonies are fuckin’ pissing me off!!! RAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHH!!! For the 100th time on my college campus, there’s some idiot with a HUGE sign that say “Trust Jesus…blah blah blah…Lake of Fire…blah blah blah” and he’s got a buddy wearing this big leather jacket that has an embroidered sign on the back “Repent all HOMO’s” How fucking mentally disjointed and disconnected from reality do you have to be to show up on a UNIVERSITY CAMPUS of all places and preach to a student body consisting mostly of liberals (or at least people that won’t admit to conservatism).

Then I thought, “WWTMD?” What would T-Man do? Suddenly, I realized my purpose in life. I hopped up on the garbage can sanding a few feet away (it’s a concrete can holder type thing, so it held my weight pretty well), dropped my pants, slapped my ass and said “Hey, trust in this! Woo! Woo!” I’m a powerlifter, too, so my ass is disproportionately large compared to the rest of my body, from all the posterior chain work.

Funniest thing: didn’t even phase him. Well, I still feel better…

You are an idiot! You are telling me that T-Man would drop his pants and make himself look like a fool? Bodybuilders are mocked enough as it is and now we have you going around being proud of some stupid stunt. I am sure that you go around telling people about weightlifting and supplements. Christianity is this guys weightlifting. It is what he believes in and thinks is worth working for. Good job on being a moron!

you dont happen to go to Colo U do you because they are these two guys that stroll around campus doing the same thing. you would think they would know better than to preach at a place of higher education…the key word being education…we are educated from years of education

Are they still on campus? They were there 30 years ago!!! They even had hell fire and damnation comic books too!
Many groups target college campuses, because the kids are away form home and those with weak self images are easy targets.

Have some more fun with this fellow, print out stuff from the Christian BDSM website, give him a copy and with you widest smile tell him you have seen the light and would like him to come to one of your meetings.

JC: I tell people about weightlifting–IF THEY ASK. And when’s the last time you saw a weightlifter say you’d go to hell if you didn’t do the clean and jerk? You know, there’s a lot of talk these days about the importance of respecting everyone’s beliefs and opinions. I say BULL-FUCKING-SHIT. How do you think the Jews feel about Hitler’s beliefs? If a person’s beliefs demand that I believe what they believe for want of avoiding eternal retribution, may I burn in hell forever.

The other thing I didn’t mention was that this guy was surrounded by a mob of about 100 students (that were continuing to close in on him) who did nothing but argue with him; a tribute to their intellegence. Hell, I probably did him a favor by mooning by creating a distraction so he could escape unharmed.

Moron? I’ve been called worse.

LOL! That’s a great idea. I was also considering dressing up like Jesus and walking up to him asking just what the hell he thought he was doing.

i should have just put it all in one post. JC, I’m not at UoC. I agree 100%, though. Also, I think I just wrote a post to “Conservative” but your name instead. Sorry about that. My bad.

no prob man. i was like “wait, i think i agreed with him” so i kept reading over the posts. no worries. although the fact that you made a mistake like that means your going to hell!!!

I don’t mind people being Christian, but I can’t stand those who tell me how terrible I am because I don’t believe in their god. I remember back in junior high school when some of these “Christians” just came out and told me I was going to hell and how I was an idiot. Now who are they to judge others?

Yeah, I think that the problem with most religious fanatics is that they try to win you over with words rather than winning your heart over. I mean, if ya can’t respect the way they go through life day-in and day-out, then nothing they try to say is going to make a difference . . . just a waste of time.

What you did was a little silly, but I could see why you’re frustrated. I’ve always been a christian, and those people still irritate me. They seem more cult like than christian like.
That being said, these guys were at penn state 20 years ago. The first day that my buddies were on campus, the evangelists were out preaching. Whe they walked innocently by, the preacher pointed at them and shouted “You two are going to hell!” My buddy looked back nonchalantly and said," No we’re going to philosophy class." The crowd was hysterical and the preacher was flustered.
Personally I think a Tman thinks on his feet pretty quick like my buddy.

Do you know what blaspheme is? I am shocked by your outrageous remarks. I am christian, and proud of it. Mentally disjointed and disconnected from reality? Are you? The reality of it is that we live in a country founded by christians and based on Christian principles. So to show up on a college campus is exactly what should happen. The reason they are on campuses is because they are largely populated with people. People that are the future of this country and are at a point in thier life when they are pretty much going to sin as much as possible with no cares. See as young people we feel we have to get all that stuff out of our system. That is where we are wrong. I was like that. I partied my ass off and did what ever I wanted. Then God showed up in my life and changed all that. That is when I got turned on to lifting.That was a great thing. It was weird, one day a free membership to a local gym showed up at my house. Now I get to workout and grow as a Christian. I know it is a turn off some times to have people out on corners and on campus preaching the word. I know that people don’t want to be force fed religion or faith. I call it “beating people over the head with the Bible”. My view is that we should get the Word out, but in a way that is not going to turn people away. The calling of a Christian is to preach the gospel to every creature and to the corners of the earth. So a lot of times you will run across people like the ones you spoke of. Instead of mooning them, maybe just keep walking. As a Christian I don’t lead the perfect lifestyle. But it is perfection that we seek. It is the same as someone working to improve their physique. Always striving to be better. The Christian faith is one of love and compassion. Some times you don’t get that message when people are yelling at you that you are going to burn in hell. I am sorry that you got offended by the way these individuals tried to get the message across. All I can say is that I hope God shows up in your life. You will be a changed man forever.Lk1:37

most ex-convicts take up the Bible or the Koran as a replacement for their crackpipes. Then instead of going around begging for quarters, they hang around passing out pamphlets. I’m in favor of bringing back crucifixion for these people.

A lot of our founding fathers were diests, and not christians. George Washington in the Treaty of Lebanon wrote that the United States should not be considered to be a christian nation. Read “The Age of Reason” and try to counter any of Paine’s arguments against christianity with anything other than your faith.

Nice response SAK. It’s good to read at least one voice of reason in this thread.

SAK there is nothing “wrong” in being a Christian, Jew, Moslem, Buddism, etc… But these people prey on the weak willed. They practice cult like methods and mostly abuse their members. That is what is wrong with them. I am glad you found Christ and hope you develop a personal relationship with him as discribed in the bible, then you will see these people as they are “wolves seeking sheep”.

You’re always going to get weirdos in every group. You have to remember they’re the minority. I know of very, very, very few christians who go around saying someone is going to hell. We do believe sin can lead you there, but it is not a human’s role to determine who goes to hell. Just remember they are the minority. If you’re not christian you can disregard my post, as I’m not up for yet another theological debate.

“Then instead of going around begging for quarters, they hang around passing out pamphlets. I’m in favor of bringing back crucifixion for these people.” What a dumb statement! You say this simply because they’re passing out pamphlets? I have a suggestion, just don’t take one! Wow, what a concept. Geez.

Hey Sak, do you believe that other people would want to become Christian by observing the way that you presently go through life? I’m just curious.

the other day a woman came up to me and gave some proclamation on a piece of paper from local church. she asked if I have a religeon and when I answered no, she said ‘remember jesus loves you’. So I said thats alright, but how about a blowjob in the meantime - works better than taking your pants off and flashing your ass.