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That’s true… I thought @TriednTrue made a good point about 4 tabata protacols per week (1 after each lifting session) being a little much. So I was gonna do a bit lower intensities on my deadlift/ohp days. Keep tabata kettle bell swings on squat days.


Speaking of which, I saw this article posted in someone else’s training log this morning and reckoned I’d link it here. If you try this complex, go even lighter than you’d expect the first time. I noticed it has a neat structure of exercise placement, alternating between an explosive movement and a slower, controlled movement. Pretty smart!


Not gonna lie that looks intense. lol

I do like barbell complexs. Usually I do something like:
Hang clean
Front squat
Push press
Back squat


Yours looks like a good complex, too. And yep, that article’s complex does look intense.


10/2 142.4
C1w1d4 bench squat day
Warm up circuit- 10 mins Max
Jack’s 3x25
Squats 3x10
Mountain climbers 3x20
Push ups 3x5

Dynamic 10 box jumps

Bench warm up 3x5 45,55,65

Strength 45 mins Max
Working bench 70,80,90 (8 reps),80,70 (15 reps
Working row 70,80,90 (12 reps) 80,70 (20 reps)
Squat 3x10 85 lbs
Leg curl 3x10 90 lbs
Tricep push down ss cable face pulls 3x15 20,40

Conditioning 4 mins 20:10 kettle bell swings


10/3 142 rest. liss cardio 45 mins incline walking


10/4 141.2 rough day at work. Always is the beginning of the month. Too exhausted to lift today. Will get it in tomorrow.

Did manage 15k steps at work though so not bothering with cardio.

Tomorrow is deadlift day. Get to try to break my rep record at 185. Going for 15 reps at least.

Also trying hip thrusts at the same weights I deadlift and working on pull up volume. Gonna supper set them with ohp and hip thrusts for 11 sets total.


10/5 140.8
C1w1d7 last day of 5’s

Warm up deadlifts 3x5 135
Ss ohp 1x10 45 2x10 50
Working deadlifts 5x5+
140,160,185 (9 reps),150,140(15 reps)
Ss ohp 1x10 50, pull ups 5,5,5,5,
Hip thrusts 5x5+
140,160,185 (10 reps),160,140 (20reps)
Ss pull ups 4,4,4,4,4 (total 40 pull ups! Getting better at these!)
Lat pull downs 3x12 90
Hammer curls and shoulder front,side and rear raises 3x15 10


10/6 139.4
Today is rest and ramen. 45 mins liss

Tomorrow lifting day 1 of 3’s week.


10/7 139.8
Warm up and dynamic work 10 mins
Strength work (50 mins)
Warm squats 3x5 45,65,85
Working squats 5x3+ 100,115,130+,115,100 (6 reps, 10 reps)
Bench 4x10 65
Ss db row 4x10 45
Leg curl 4x10 90
Triceps ss cable face pulls 4x15 20,40
Kettle bell swings 4 mins


10/8 139.8
Warm up circuit 10 mins

Strength 50 mins
Warm up ohp 3x5 45,45,50
Working ohp 5x3+ 55,65,70 (7),65,55 (12)
Ss sumo deadlift 4x10 135
Hip thrust 4x10 135
Pull ups 5x5,5x4
Lat pull down 4x10 90
Hammer curls 4x15 10
Front/side/reverse raise 4x15 (5 each) 10

Rowing machine 30:30 8 mins


10/9 142 rest liss 45 mins

10/10 143 bench squats today 3’s week. Will update lifting later


10/10 didn’t lift yesterday ended up staying late at work bah!

10/11 138.2
Warm up circuit and box jumps 10 mins

Strength <45 mins
Warm bench 3x5 45,55,65
Working bench5x3+ 75,85,95(8 reps),85,75 (12 reps)
Row 5x3+ @ same weight as above.
Squat 4x10 85
Leg curl 4x10 90
Tricep push down ss cable face pull 4x15 20,40

One more day of this week (tomorrow) and one more week on this cycle. Getting there


10/12 137.6
Rest liss 45 mins


10/13 138.6
Warm dead 3x5 135
Gs ohp 1x10 45, 2x10 50
Gs pull ups 3x3
Working deads 5x3+ 150, 170, 195(8), 170, 150(15)
Gs ohp 2x10
Gs pull ups 5x3
Hip thrust 5x3+ 150,170,195(8), 170, 150 (15)
Ss pull ups 4x3, 1x4 (total 40)
Lat pull down 4x10 90
Hammer curls ss front side rev raises 4x15 10 lbs


10/14 140.3
Rest- snow day!
Making beef stew and egg nog and egg nog cheese cake!


10/15 143- days the boy friend is home isn’t good for my diet lol

C1w3d1 531 week
Warm up circuit
Warm squats 3x5 45,65,85
Working squats 5,3,1+,3,5 110,125,140 (3 reps),125,110 (8 reps)
Leg curl 5x10 90 lbs
Bench press 5x10 65 lbs
Ss db rows 5x10 40 lbs
Cable face pulls ss tricep push down 5x15 40,20

This week is hard…


You do amrap on main lift and amrap on FSL weight.
It’s draining for the cns.


Good news is it’s only 1 more week for this cycle. Then I can choose to deload it I think I need it


10/16 143.3 rest liss.