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9/23 143
Legs still hurt alot from squats 2 days ago… Gonna walk instead of gym today


Howdy, 'blossom! TnT here. I’ve followed your log and enjoy your calm, steady approach to training.

I saw you’re increasing the amount of bodyweight exercises (calisthenics) you do, and I think that’s a great idea. I implemented the same a couple years ago and have noticed my joints feel better, I have a little more full-body coordination, and I can use calisthenics to add volume and even cardio without beating myself up.


9/24 145.2
Warm ohp 3x5 45,55,65
Working ohp 5x3+ 70 last set 7 reps
Ss sumo dl 1x10 135, 3x10 155
Hip thrust 3x10 155
Lat pull down 3x15 70 lbs


9/25 145
Warm squats 4x5 45,65,85,115
Working squats 5x3+ 135 last set 5 reps! No spotter!!
Ss push ups 3x10,12,15
Leg curl 3x10,12,15 90 lbs
Warm bench press 2x10 45,65
Working bench 3x10 75
Ss db rows 3x15 40 lbs


9/26 143.2
Body weight work

Pull ups and air squats 3x10 (negatives for pull ups when I couldn’t do full ones.
Push ups and fat man rows 3x10
Sigle leg deadlift and dips 3x10

Ab roll outs
Wood choppers
Super mans

Incline walk 30 mins


9/27 144.4
Today is heavy deadlift day. Will up date later tonight.

Today is also the last day on my current 6 week program. I have been running it EOD roughly. While I enjoy this program I am feeling a slight change up in frquency and rep scheme for 6 weeks or so.

Next week is a deload week.

Then… I am feeling the same 4 lifts I have been doing but… Running them 531 pyramid style instead of gzclp style 4 days a week instead of EOD.

I am also going to run rows and hip thrusts 531 pyramid style.

My accesories are going to stay the same and I am going to start them at 3x10 and increase the sets by 1 each week up to 5x10.

It’s going to look like this:



Warm deadlifts 135,155,175
Working 4x3 195 1x3 205
Last set 225 for the heck of it… Amrap… 5 reps! Strapless hook grip!

Since… I felt strong … 255 for 1! Fuck yes!!

Hip thrust 3x15 135
Pull ups 5x3… Nope 7x3
Ohp 1x10 45 3x10 50 lbs
Lat pull down 3x10 90lbs


BOOM well done Blossom.
You’re really killing those workouts these days.


I was beyond excited about that. Was just gonna pull 195 for an amrap when my boyfriend needed some 10s. Gave him mine and swapped to 205 for a set. Then he put the 10s back on to make it 225. When those 5 reps came up easy I was like well then. I guess I should test my estimated 1 rep. Pulled it easy! Ooo giddy that my progress is going well. Slow but well.

Wait… Did I log that 205 set?!


9/28 145.2 rest… Drank too much didn’t eat enough bah

9/29 144.6- feeling pretty good. Looking at my training plan (531 pyramid) I will be using lower weights than I have been for the first 2 weeks. Gonna skip deload.

Forgot to mention I want this timed…

C1w1d1- squats

Warm up circuit (10 mins Max) done in 7.5 mins
Jack’s 3x25
Jump Squats 3x10
Bicycles 3x20
Push ups 3x10

Dynamic (included in time above)
Box jumps 10 reps

Strength (45 mins Max) done in 39.5 mins
Warm up squats 3x5 45,65,85
Working squats 5x5+
95, 110, 125+ (6 reps bah I know I can do more but food wasn’t right lately),110, 95+(10 reps)
Bench press 3x10 65
Barbell row 3x10 65
Leg curl 3x10 85
Tricep push down ss cable face pulls 3x15 20,40

20:10 35lb kettlebell swings for 4 mins instead of 8 because… My conditioning sucks…

Hoping for 60 mins or less (succeeded 54 mins)

Will up date last reps after I do them tonight. Updated


So… Thoughts after day 1 of this new cycle…

I need to improve my conditioning. 4 mins of 20:10 kettlebell swings left me sucking air and wheezing… To the point that I can still feel my lungs wheezing 15 mins later.

With that said… 4 mins this week. 5 next 6 on week 3 and keep increasing?


Tabata or 20:10 is a great way to increase conditioning.
You should be sucking air and wheezing, it’s a really high intense workout.
You could try it at an ergorower or airdyne too.


Tabata exercising was designed to be short and intense. It’s the epitome of high-intensity interval training. HIIT has benefits but, from what I’ve read and also experienced, only doing HIIT for cardio takes a toll on the nervous system.

Perhaps instead of increasing the length of the kb swing session, keep it short, add one uppder body HIIT session like alternating pushups and fast rowing for 5 minutes, and do one day of low-intensity steady-state cardio, like a brisk walk, a stepmill, or an elliptical machine. Those are my thoughts.


I will be doing 45 mins liss of my non lifting days. So that’s covered.

I could see on my ohp/deadlifts doing push ups/air or jump squats/Jack’s/bupees/ect at a different pace. Something like 30:60 or 1:2. That would make iy a slower hiit and less tabata and still work my conditioning.

Alternatively I could consider a barbell complex.

Edit: meant to reply to triedntrue still not sure how to tag people lol


Unfortunately no airdynes at my gym. Bikes but … Those ones that lay back.

2 rowrs but they are always broken

No pool. Tons of treadmills but… I hate those things.

My liss is 45 mins walking incline or stairs


The two different complexes on deadlift/OHP day both sound good. I’ve found walking lunges with bodyweight to go well after deadlifting. Lunges, pushups, air squats, burpees; any or all for a few rounds would go well! This site has lots of good suggestions for barbell complexes, too.

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@TriednTrue Thanks! And awesome. I think that’s the route I am gonna go. Save kettle bell swings for after squats/bench.


9/30 144
C1w1d2 ohp/deadlift
Warm up circuit- 10 mins
3x25 Jack’s
3x10 squats
3x20 mountain climbers
3x5 push ups
Dynamic 10 box jumps
Warm up ohp 3x5 45

Strength 40 mins
Working on 5x5+ 50,60,70 (6),60,50 (10)
Ss sumo deadlift 3x10 135
Hip thrust 3x10 135
Pull ups 5x3
Lat pull down 3x10 90
Hammer curls 3x15 10
Front/side/reverse raise 3x15 (5 each) 8

Conditioning rowing machine (suprising enough they had a new one there today!!) Also boy friend picked this exercise for our conditioning 30:1 for 5 mins… This felt easy. Gonna have to do 30:30 on this one.


10/1 142.4
Liss walking for 45ins


Or try the tabata 20:10 for this one It’s great. You have your liss covered so bringing up the heart rate would be good. It’s only 8 rounds/4 minutes.