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Thanks! I am finally pretty much back up to my weights I was at before vacation. Took about 6 weeks to work back up. Was on a cut 4 weeks of that and just not feeling it plus fucking around with rp physique and 531 BBB trying to find what I liked.

Went back to my old tried and true gzclp programming that I was seeing good gains on the last 2 weeks and started eating at maintenance and am feeling great!

I am excited that my estimated 1 rep on bench is finally 135!! I can’t wait to test that!


9/4 149.4 uhg labor day BBQ foods…

C25k w3d1


9/5 147.4
Ohp/dl day today.

Warm ohp 3x5 45,50,65
Ss abs 3x25
Working ohp 5x3+ 70 last set 6 reps (1 rep pr. God ohp is hard)
Ss sumo do 4x10 135,145 (3 sets))
Neutral chin ups goal 25 reps 5,4,4,3,4,3,2
Ss hip thrust 3x15+ 145 last set 23 reps
Lat pull down 3x10 85
Bar bell curl 3x15 20 lbs


9/6 147 incline walking 6% @3.2 just for 1 episode of bleach.

9/7 146 today is heavy squat volume bench.

I am finally going to try… 135 for reps. Been a mental block. Only did 2 reps last time I tried 135 months ago. But… I completed 130 for 5x3 with 5 reps. So… I should be able to do 135 right?!

Will log tonight

Fuck yes!!
Warm squat 4x5 45,65,85,115
Ss abs 3x20
Working squat 5x3+ 135 last set 5 reps!! Fucking pr!
Warm bench 3x5 45,55,65
Working bench 3x10 75
Ss db rows 3x15+ 40 lbs last set 20 reps!
Leg curl 3x15+ 80 lbs last set 20 rep!
Triceps/ cable face pull 3x15+ 20,40 last set 20


9/8 144.4. cardio 4% incline @ 3.2 for 25 mins

9/9 147.4 game night last night ate a tad more and drank an entire bottle of wine to mydelf.

Deadlifts and ohp today will update after lifting.


Warm deadlifts 3x5 135,155,175
Ss abs 3x20
Working deadlift 5x3+ 195 last set 10 reps
Ss ohp 3x10 45,50,55,60 3x8 60
Hip thrust 3x15+ 145 last set 25 reps
Pull ups 28 reps 7xamrap 6,4,4,4,4,3,3.
Lat pull down 3x10+ 85 last set 12
Bi curl ss shoulder front side and reverse raises 3x15 curls@12 shoulder raises @ 8


9/10 147 carb load today for stair climber tomorrow.


Great work Lady :slight_smile:


9/11 147 - participating in the 9/11 stair climb today. No lifting.

Finished with no hiccups! Ate a 16 oz ribeye, 2 eggs, 2 slices french toast and 1/4 hollendaise sauce afterward. Best meal ever!


9/12 145.4

Warm bench 4x5 45,55,70,90
Working bench 5x3+ 100 last set 5 reps (2 rep pr!
Ss db rows 3x15+ 40 lbs last set 25 reps!
Warm squat 3x10 45,65,85
Working squat 3x10 105
Cable face pulls ss triceps 3x15 40,20
Leg curls 3x15+ 80 lbs
Abs 3x15


I just want to say that sets of 3x10 squats are getting HARD! Deadlifts, no problem. bench, sure why not? Ohp, well these are always a grind but weight only goes up once or twice every 3 weeks. Squats however… 3x10 at 105 (highest weight I have ever done for this volume) really took alot out of me. It was more work than any thing else I have ever done… I had to mentally prepare for each rep after the first 5 and for each set after the first set. Was not ready for that today.


High rep squats sucks :slight_smile:
totally agree with this


9/13 144.8 rest today. My legs are killing me.


9/15 143.8 rest day

9/16 146
W.ohp 4x5 45,50,55,65
Ss abs 3x20
Working ohp 5x3 75 lbs failed last set at 2 reps.
Sumo dl 3x10 150 lbs
Hip thrust 3x15 135 lbs
Chin ups 25 reps… 5,4,4,4,3,3,2
Lat pull down 3x15 85 lbs
Bi curls 3x15 12 lbs


9/17 144.2
Warm squats 4x5 45,65,95,115
Ss abs 3x20
Working squat 5x3+ 130 last set 6 reps
Leg curl 3x15 90 lbs
Warm bench 3x10 45,55,65
Working bench 3x10 75
Ss db rows 3x15 45
Tri push down ss face pulls 3x15 20,40

Last 2 weeks I have averaged 1.8 lbs loss from 149 on day one to 147.4 average end of week one and 145.2 average week 2. Not bad.


9/18 142.4
Rest today. Maybe a walk after dinner.


9/19 143.6
Warm dl 3x5 135
Ss abs 3x20
Working dl 5x3+ 185 last set 13 reps
Ss ohp 3x10 50 lbs
Hip thust 3x15 145
Chin ups 3x5 and 1x3
Lat pull downs 3x10 85lbs
Hammer curls 3x15 12 lbs
Shoulder raises front side and read 3x15 8 lbs
Tricep push downs 3x15 20 lbs


9/20 143.4 rest today.

I am thinking about…going to the gym more often.

I like my current program that’s EOD lifting.
Thinking I won’t change it but… I will cut to the accessory work out and do them of what would other wise be off or cardio days. Like my triceps/face pulls and abs, and biceps/shoulders.

Also… Thinking those day I add in more body weight work. Pull ups, push ups, jump squats, ans, lunges, split squats, Swiss ball leg curls (or maybe working up to some Nordic curls) ect.


9/21 144.2
Warm bench 3x5 45,65,85
Working bench 5x3+ 95 last set 5 reps
Ss db rows 3x15 45
Warm squats 3x10 45,65,85
Working squat 3x10 95
Leg curl 3x15+ 90

Was not feeling it today


9/22 143.4 damn my legs hurt from yesterday! What is this!? They didn’t hurt this bad after the stair climb and heavier volume squats!

Body weight work today

Pull ups and air squats 3x10 (negatives for pull ups when I couldn’t do full ones.
Push ups and fat man rows 3x10
Sigle leg deadlift and dips 3x10

Ab roll outs
Wood choppers
Super mans

Incline walk 30 mins