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C2W3D4 6/10 rest

C2W3D5 6/11
Squat 5x3+ 125 lbs last set 4 reps. this felt hard… going to stay at 125 next time.
Bench 3x10 75 lbs
DB row 3x15 30 lbs
SDL 3x15 100 lbs

C2W3D6 6/12
OHP 5x3+ 65lbs
Sumo DL 3x10 145 lbs
Hip Thurst 3x15 145 lbs
Lat pull down 3x15 70 lbs


Sorry I haven’t posted. Was a bit busy. Below are my missing logs!
I am adding 5 lbs to every lift every week. And if I don’t because I only hit the perscribed reps I am still adding 2+ reps the next week! Still seeing great strength gains!

C2w3d7 6/13


Bench 100 5x3 last set 3 reps.
Squat 95 lbs 3x10
DB row 30 lbs 3x15 last set 25
Sdl 90 lbs 3x15


Dl 190 lbs 5x3 last set 8
Ohp 50 lbs 3x10
Lat pull down 70 3x15
Hip thrust 145 3x15


Chose to stay at the same weight as last week hoping for more reps.
Squat 125 lbs5x3 last set 7 reps!
Bench 80 lbs 3x10 damn this is great!
DB row 30 lbs 4x15 last set 25 reps!
Sdl 90 lbs 3x15

C2w4d7 6/20


Ohp 70 lbs 5x3 last set 5 reps
Sumo Dl 150 lbs 3x10
Lat pull downs 70 lbs 3x15
Cable face pulls 40 lbs 3x15



Chose to stay at same weight as last week and try for more reps. This time no spotter!
Bench 100 lbs 5x3 last set 5 reps!
DB row 35 lbs 4x15
Squat 100 lbs 3x10
Leg curl 70 lbs 3x15


It should be noted that every single lift for my t1 and t2 for the past 2 weeks have been weight and or rep prs.


Nothing like PR’s
great workouts :slight_smile:


Thanks! I have keeping it simple with only 4 lifts a day and adding 5 lbs ish per lift on the first 2. The rest is pump work. Gotta say this has been my favorite program yet.


C2w5d6 rest
C2w5d7 rest 6/27

Wow those 3x10 at 100 squats really tore up my legs. I have not been this sore in ages

C2w6d1 6/28
Deadlift 5x3+ 195 lbs 6 reps last set
Ohp 3x10 55 lb
Lat pull down 3x15+ 70 lbs
Hip thrust 3x15+ 145 lbs last set 25 reps

C2w6d2 rest


Squats 5x3 130 lbs last set 5 reps!
Bench press 3x10 85 lbs!
DB row 3x15 35 lbs
Hip thrust 3x15 145 lbs

Squats and bench… This is weight and rep prs! Last time in push squat for a 1 rep practice I did 135 for 2 reps… I get to try 135 for 5x3 with an amrap next week! This blows that out of the water!

Ohp 5x3 75 lbs last set 5 reps!
Sumo Dl 3x10 155 lbs
Hip thrust 3x15 145 lbs last set 19 reps
Lat pull down 3x15 70 lbs

Had to do have to back days because of a vacation coming up. So that ends week 6 and week 7 lifts start on Tuesday (7/3)


Ok so… Instead of lifting Tuesday like planned life threw some life at me…
I am gonna do some deload work today through Monday the 16th. Maybe some body weight stuff too since I will be out of town on vacation.

Then I will start a new cycle the following week. Starting Tuesday the 17th.

Next cycle will be 2 6 week cycles with a 1 week max test between. I have 13 week until I attend a wedding. I intend to look amazing.

Plan is 3 days a week lifting (same as I have been) and 3 days a week cardio (training for a 5k) with 1 full rest day


Welp. I hit the gym yesterday. First time in about 2 weeks thanks to Vaca.
Needless to say everything felt heavy and my quads are sore…

Squat 4x10 45,55,65,75 lbs knee started to hurt so I stopped there.
Hip thrust 4x10 135 lbs
Bench press 5x10 45,55,65,65,75
DB row 5x10+ 25lbs

Started lighter than where I was due to the break. We will see how long it takes to get back to where I was

Also… Doing this on a cut. Gained too much weight on vacation.

Quick and dirty psmf?
Or slow and steady small deficit?

I want to get back down to 135 lbs… At 150. And… I want to do it before the wedding. 13 weeks left.


read an article here on TN, (about january I think) two weeks deficit, then back to two weeks maintenance. Something about the body getting used to being in deficit and not burning fat that much, so going back to maintenance will get the body to use more fuel again.


Thanks! I will look for it!


The matador?


Thursday day 2 of… 1 or 2 weeks getting back into the gym before starting a proper cycle.

Deadlift 6x5 worked up to 155. Stayed light.
Ohp 4x10+ 45 lbs. Hit several 12 and 15 rep sets.
Lat pull down 3x15 70 lbs
Leg curl 3x10+ 60 lbs

1 mile cardio post work out. 6%incline. Mostly walking because… I don’t cardio.
17:15. Guess I need to keep doing this because that killed me… Walk at 3 jog at 5-5.6 (only like 3 or 4 times for a min lol)

Decided on a mix between psmf and matador.

Psmf with 1 refeed and 1 free meal for 2 weeks.

2 weeks at just below maintenance.

Repeat until desired weight.

Psmf days are 800 to 1k calories.
Refeed days add 320 grams of carbs…
Free meals add 500 calories.

Maintenance is approx 1800 to 2k

Running “maintenance weeks” at 1600.


Yes the Matador, just found it.
The “science” behind it, seems legit.
Walking is very good for fatloss.
But walk outside and walk for about an hour or more everyday.
Good luck Cherry


Gonna start logging weight as well

Day 1 psmf 7/17 151.4 lbs (squat day)

Day 2 7/18 148.2 lbs (rest day)

Day 3 7/19 145.6 lbs (free meal day and deadlift day)

Day 4 7/20 146 lbs (rest day)

Day 5 7/21 145.8 lbs (cardio day)

Tomorrow is bench and squat and refeed day.


7/22 woke up at 146.4 refeed day today. Added in 250 grams of carbs to my day.
Squat 5x3+ 45,65, 85x10, 95,105,115,125x3 last set 5 reps.
DB bench 25 lbs 3x15
Bent over row 65lbs 3x15+ last set 25
Hip thrust 135 3x15 last set 25
Hanging leg raises 3x15

7/23 woke up at 146.4 suprisingly I don’t weight more even after a carb up?
Today is just light cardio. Walking for about an hour.


Woke up today at 145.

Deadlifts and ohp later tonight.


Today’s lifts
Deadlift 3x5 165 lbs
Ohp 3x10 50 lbs
Lat pull down 3x10 85 lbs
Leg curl 3x15 70 lbs


Had my brother over last night … As a result ate a little more than I should have. Not too bad though.

Woke up at 145.6

Today is just cardio. C25k day 1 lol


7/26 145
Bench press 5x3+ 85 lbs
Squats 3x10 85lbs
DB row 3x15 35 lbs
Leg curl 3x15 70 lbs

7/27 144.6 c25k

7/28 144.2 drank 4 drinks last night… This low calorie diet and that don’t mix. Worst hang over ever.