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11/3 144 c1w2d1 13 week BBB challenge

squat day 3’s week

Warm up circuit
Warm squats 3x5 45,65,85
Ss 4x10 push ups
Working squats 3x3+ 95,110, 120 (10 reps) rep PR! Last 2 attempts at 120 I did 8 reps
Ss barbell rows 4x10 65lbs
BBB squats 5x10 70 lbs
Ss rdl 4x10 70 lbs
Cable face pulls ss tricep push downs 4x10 50,30

Suprisingly good day. Was up late last night drinking. Didn’t get enough sleep and had a slight hang over. Nursed it with lots of water, sodium protien and carbs. By evening I felt much better. Good enough that I set a rep PR!


I hear you about other gyms not having the equipment you prefer. On that note, glute bridges are a solid compromise. If you aren’t able to use as much weight as with hip thrusts, you can do the bridges with one leg and a pause at the top.


I will definitely make it work. Who knows maybe they got new equipment from the last time I checked. Gonna ride out my gym until Nov 30th for sure. There are always alternative exercises that can be done to still get the results I want.


Exactly right! Where there’s a will, there’s a way.


11/4 144 c1w2d2 13 week BBB
Ohp day 3’s week

Warm up circuit
Warmp ohp 3x5 45
Ss bent over rows 4x10 45
Working ohp 3’s 55,60,70 (10! Rep pr)
BBB ohp 45
Ss split squat 4x10 45
Hip thrust 4x10 160
Bicep curls ss shoulder raises 4x10 12


Getting stronger, I see. Good job!


11/5 142.8 rest cardio 3 speed 10 incline 2 miles


11/6 144.6 13 week BBB challenge
3’s week bench press

Warm up circuit
Warm up bench 3x5 45,55,65
Ss db row 3x10 45
Working bench 3x3+ 75,85,95(9 reps)
Ss db row 1x10 45, goblet squat 2x10 45
BBB bench 5x10 55
Ss 2x10 goblet squat 45, ss 4x10 rdl 90
Cable face pulls,ss tricep push down 4x10 50,30

Feeling good with this so far.


11/7 143
It’s my birthday! Will attempt something like birthday squats on Saturday!!

Rest. Liss 3.2 speed incline 10 2 miles


Happy birthday Cherry

birthday squats sounds like fun … or pain.


Considering I can barely squat my body weight ATM yes… Pain. Gonna do 135 for 5x5 and 1x3. Pretty sure I can pull that off.


11/8 142.6 c1w2d6 13 week BBB
3’s week deadlifts

Warm up circuit
Warm up deadlift 3x5 135
Ss ohp 4x10 45
Working deadlift 3x3+ 160,170,205 (10 reps PR!)
Ss 4x10 fat man rows
BBB deadlift 5x10 145
Ss bis and shoulders 4x15 12
Hip thrust 4x10 165

Hot damn!

I think I found how to eat lol
Lots of beef and eggs


:slight_smile: that should do the trick.
Nice DL btw


Like @mortdk said, that’s a great deadlifts! And happy belated birthday :slight_smile:


11/9 142.6 rest party at my place. New York strip steaks and fettuccine Alfredo for dinner.


11/10 144.6 c1w3d1 531 week
Squat day- trading BBB sets for birthday squats.

Warm up circuit

Warm up squats 3x5 45,65,85
Ss push ups 5x10
Working squats 5,3,1+ 100,115,135 (added 5 lbs for birthday squats. 5 reps)
Ss barbell rows 5x10 75
Birthday squats 8x3 135
Ss rdl 5x10 80
Cable face pulls ss tricep push downs 5x10 50,30


11/11 145.6 c1w3d2
Ohp day 531

Warm up 3x5 45
Ss barbell rows 5x10 95
Working ohp 5,3,1+ 50,65,70 (7 reps)
Ss hip thrust 4x10 170 1x5 255, 1x3 255 (PR weights and reps)
BBB ohp 5x10 50
Ss front squat 5x10 50
Bicep curls 5x10 12


Loving this program so far. Hard to believe I am already half way through 3 weeks.

Feels like it’s flying by.

After doing birthday squats 8x3 at 135 I am a little warry of the 5x3 at 140 coming up however I have 6 more weeks before that happens so I should be stronger.

Am already thinking about the next cycle.
Got a friend who is willing to run kryptiea with me. Would be starting it on 2/2 after I completed a deload/tm test after this 13 week program ends (14 if I include the final deload/tm test).

Read kryptia and the fat loss and prep programs. They are very similar. I am thinking about incorperating the conditioning post lifting like the fat loss and prep program does but running kryptiea pretty much as written. I may sub out dips for push ups if I need to. Or alternate them. And I might need to do assisted pull ups or less reps.

I think kryptiea will make a great leaning out cycle after this hypertrophy focused cycle. Since I am bulking through January. I would run kryptiea at maintenance or at a very slight deficit (-250/day) into the summer. All 3 phases. 17 weeks worth. Thoughts?


You know your shit alright and that sounds and looks very solid.

I wouldn’t even think 5x3@140 will be a problem :slight_smile: Stay focused and mental strong. If you are in a little doubt the next couple of weeks load the bar with 145 do a walkout stand with the bar for 10 sec rerack, unload and do the work. Then when the 140 comes around it’s not heavy at all.
Krypteia is a hard as you’ll ever imagine I guess. Haven’t run it myself, but was a member on his private forum, everybody was very excited about it.
But do yourself a favour don’t do it on a deficit, maintenance yes I could see that. When/if you start to feel a bit beat up put an extra 250 cals on the lifting days.


Oh yeah, six weeks is more than enough to prepare for a five pound increase and three set decrease :muscle:

I’m not familiar with the program you’re considering, but in general, high-volume and intensity lifting combined with cardio needs sufficient calories for the body to recover. Eating at maintenance will likely accomplish your goals but, like @mortdk said, eating at a deficit may crash you quickly.

Potentially substituting pushups for dips is a good idea. How frequently will the program have you doing pull-ups?