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8/4 146 w1d3 RP physique
Lat pulldown 2 sets 43 reps total 70 lbs

Seated cable rows 2 sets 30 reps total 70 lbs

Front, side and rear delt raises giant set 2 sets 57 reps total 10 lbs

DB twist curls 2 sets 30 reps total 10 lbs

Front squat 2 sets 20 reps total 55 lbs

Rdl 2 sets 38 reps total 55 lbs

V-up 3 sets 55 reps total


8/5 144.8
Today was supposed to be cardio but…my best friend and sister came iver to lift with me. So I did a light lifting session.

Front squats 2x10 45 lbs
Ohp 3x15 45 lbs
Rdl 2x15 45 lbs
Hip thrust 2x15 140 lbs
Pull up 2x5,3 1x8 assisted at 40 lbs
Assisted dips 2x10 at 40 lbs
Lat pulldown 2x15 at 70 lbs
Seated cable rows 2x15 at 70 lbs
Tricep push down 1x15 at 30 lbs

And several random deadlifts at 135 lbs showing them how to.


8/6 146
Cardio- c25k chanaged from stairs. Stair machine was occupied.

Tomorrow is the last day on RP diet base template. Wednesday I start cut 1.


Holy guacamole! I did one bout of day 1 c25k last night and this morning woke up at 134.4 lbs. Over 10 lbs down. That water weight loss is crazy!

RP w2d1 tonight.
Sumo deadlift 3xamrap (40 reps) at 155 lbs
Goblet squat 3xamrap (45 reps) at 50 lbs
Leg press 3xamrap (45 reps) at 190 lbs
Leg curl 3xamrap (45 reps) at 70 lbs
Ohp 3xamrap (40 reps) at 45 lbs
Lat pull down 3xamrap (45 reps) at 70 lbs
Cable face pull 3xamrap (60 reps) at 30 lb
V-up 4xamrap (67 reps)


8/8 144.8 lbs c25k w1d2 this was oddly easy.

8/9 144.6 yay no weird drops!
Rp w2d2 today.
Bench press 65 lbs 3xamrap 55 total reps
DB row 35 lbs 3xamrap 65 total reps
Db Incline bench 3x amrap 48 total reps
Cable tricep push downs 30 lbs 3xamrap 30 reps
Cable face pull 30 lbs 3xamrap 45 reps
Rdl 65 lbs 3x amrap 60 reps
Leg press 190 obs 3xamrap 45 reps
Hanging keg raises 3xamrap 45 reps


8/10 c25k w1d3. Felt even easier.

So… I don’t like this rp physique program. I feel like I am losing strength. Strongly considering going back to 531 BBB/fsl that I ran 2 cycles of earlier. I enjoyed that.


I think it could be the high rep work 3 sets and 55 reps in total, something like 20,18 17 or is it rest pause so more like 30, 15 10?
If the latter it’s like Paul Carters 50 rep sets.
You could do the first amrap set with heavy weight and get a 4 - 7 rep amrap, reduce weight and do two high rep set


It’s no rep goal. What RP does is has you enter your 10 rep maxes and then week 1 is 2 sets at a little less than your 10 rep max for reps until 3 from failure.
Week 2 is 3 set 3 from failure. Week 3 is 4 sets at 2 from failure and week 4 is 5 sets 1 from failure. Those end up looking like 15,15,15 or 20,15,15 on most of the sets.
I think I don’t like working so close to failure on so many exercises. Every single one. 8 exercises a day on the 3 day program and 7 on the 4 day program. It’s boring and there are no strength sets in any thing.

On 531bbb I can do 6 exercises 3 times a week. Push strength sets on the top working set and then back of for valume with out having to work to failure on everything. It allows for better fatigue management and recovery.


Did a day of BBB to see how I felt
If I continue this is c3w1d1 kept the same rep maxes as I started with before since I took a vacation and haven’t been pushing strength lately.

Bench press 5’s week
3x5 warm up 45,50,60
3x5 working 65,75,80 (12 reps top set)
5x10 BBB 50 lbs close grip super set with
5x10 DB row 35 lbs
3x15 leg press 190 lbs
3x15 leg curl 70 lbs
3x15 triceps push down 30 lbs ss with cable face pulls 3x20
3x20 hanging leg raises ss push ups 3x15,10,10

This felt much better. I don’t mind the lay out of the RP programs but it’s missing the top working sets.


If you like it better, I’ll bet you’ll get better results, doing something you like is always better.
If you want to lose some weight too, as I remember there was an event of something coming up right.
Then do some conditioning at the end. Like Farmers walk/carries at the end of leg day and battle rope on upper body days.
Or what I really like walking every day for an hour or more… but it takes a lot of time. So some carries at the end could do the trick


I have been adding c25k on my rest days and my boyfriend and I have been going for a walk every night after dinner. So that should help cover the cardio aapect


Ok. Y’all are gonna like this. Last night my mom and sister in law decided it should be mudslides and chik flicks night. So I had nachos mudslides and mom made a cake.

8/12 woke at 147. I am leaner tho I feel like I am recomping more thnlan losing weight. I am ok with this. 9 more weeks until the wedding. Plenty of time.

Boy friend decided to day should be day of 1k reps. 10 exercises 10 sets 10 reps. I played along but kept my main 531 work.

Warm up Squats 3x5, 50,60,70
Working sets 3x5+ 75,90,100 (10 reps)
BBB sets 5x10 45 lbs
To hit 100 reps I did 2 more sets. 10 reps and 5 reps.

Giant setted squats with RDL 10x10 65 lbs
And push ups 10x10

Giant set
DB OHP 10x10 12.5 lbs
BB row 10x10 65 lbs
Hip thrust 10x10 65 lbs

Giant set
Lat pull down 10x10 50 lbs
Tricep push down 10x10 20 lbs
Cable face pull 10x10 20 lbs

Super set
Bicep curls (different variations) 10x10 8 lbs last set 15 lbs
Decline ab crunches (twists, straight, oblique, alternating ect) 10x10

I wonder how I am gonna feel tomorrow.

PS. We do this once every 4-8 weeks


Oh and 8/10 145
8/11 145.4
8/12 147

I know the gain is from the carbs from unexpected events with friends and family.


And probably extra salty food :slight_smile:
That was a beast of a workout you guys put up there.


Thanks! Surprisingly I feel pretty good today. A little tired. A little sore but not too bed. I can at least take the stairs with out staring at them like they are my greatest enemy.

8/13 woke up at 147
C25k w2d1


8/14 146.5 found out…I sprained my hand… No lifting until it heals… Bah!


8/15 146 c25k w2d2

Cardio for the next week only


8/16 146
I might try to lift tonight.

Ok did it.
W.up ohp 3x5 45lbs
SS front squat 3x10 45 lbs
Working ohp 3x5+ last set 8 reps 50,55,60 lbs
SS front squat 3x5+ last set 8 reps
BBB ohp 5x10 45 lbs
SS bicep curls 3x15 15 lbs
Leg curl 3x15 70 lbs
Lat pulldown 3x10 70 lbs
Hanging leg raises 3x20

Hand didn’t hurt through it all. I did baby it a little on lat pull downs and ohp a tad by resting a little longer than normal


8/17 146 rest
8/18 146 deadlift day today
W1d4 5’s week deadlifts
W.deadlift 3x5@135
Working DL 3x5+@135,145,165 (12 reps)
SS ohp 3x15@45
BBB rdl 5x10 @100
SS front squat 5x10@50
Giant set:
Hip thrust 3x10@150 (last set 15 reps) 10 second holds on last reps
V-up 3x10
Push up 3x10

Lat pull downs 3x15@60


8/19 144.6
W2d1 changing order of days for my schedule
W.ohp 3x5 45lbs
Working ohp 3x3+ 50,60,70
SS front squat 3x10 50,60,70
BBB ohp 5x10 45
SS curls 3x15 12.5lbs
Abs 3x20
BB row 3x10 80
SS rdl 3x15 80