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A Kick In the Nuts!

 Who's the T member here who kicked a guy in the nuts at the gym once?  I don't remember the exact story, just it being funny and the guy deserving it (sorta).  I was just wondering how did the guy react the next time he saw you?  I was curious c'ause there is someone at my gym who sure deserves a good kick in tha ballz!

              take care,
                        tin can



Not sure if its me you are referring to. I don't believe I ever saw the guy at the gym again.

Why does this guy deserve a nut-kicking?

I neither promote nor condone nut attacks of any nature.


Hey wow. I said something in that thread!

I said something I couldn't even remember it saying it... what are the odds?


Nah, I think it was someone from Australia if I'm not mistaken he used the word wanker (massif maybe?), anyway, not sure.

Why would I do this? I'd rather not talk about it, just someone who needs to be more respectful. (Everyone wanted to knock his lights out btw, not just a case of bad temper!) If anything happens I'll post about it. I may let this build up and about a week before my membership is up, if I decide to change gyms, he won't know what hit him. And no there will be no cheap shots... just one in the nuts! ha ha ha

                 tin can


A kick in the nuts is a cheap shot in my books.


I agree. Short of a life and death situation any man who kicks another in the nuts deserves to be castrated.

If you dont respect them you dont deserve them.


I agree with the view of kicking another man in the ballz is wrong, exept this fucker. As a side note I've never nailed anyone in way over a decade, at least. Perhaps that shows signs of reson, and this guy totally deserving it.
Anyway I there is no need to think I should be castrated and I doubt it will come to that... Just a funny thought.

                tin can


Nut shot is only acceptable when it's a survial issue, i.e. outnumbered, he's got a weapon and you don't, etc. Or when the person has done something totally henious and wrong, preferably to a close friend of yours or a family member, and simply punching the person won't do justice.