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A Kenyan Birth Certificate?


Born in Mombasa? Who'd a thunk???


lol. where did you dig that up?


Here: http://kenyanbirthcertificategenerator.com


X2, how legit is that?


Dude, it's a picture on the internet. It's the opposite of legit.


Just like his Hawaiian COLB, right?


But you can see the raised seal.


I'm sorry I ever denied the birther movement. The image provided in the op led me to my own research. And now, having dug up an image of Obama's alleged Hawaii birth-certificate, I'm convinced it's not legit.


Dude I believe half of what I see and nothing of what I hear.




Dude, that certificate is obviously fake. Everyone knows Obama was sent to Earth by Satan to rape and kill your Grandmother, Nascar, and our right to bear assault rifles.



Sorry, Headhunter.

It was a happy thought, though, while it lasted.


Pretty much, yeah. Unless you can examine the actual document in real life, a picture is meaningless. Images are just too easy to fabricate, especially at the crappy resolutions we use on the net.

That said, once the Secretary of State of Hawaii confirms the validity of a Hawaiian birth certificate, it's game over. That's the definition of legit right there.


Oh, absolutely. If a government official with a vested interest in the legitimacy of the new administration says it, it simply must be true.


"Last week, a counterfeit document purporting to be Obama's Kenyan birth certificate made the rounds of the Internet, but was quickly determined to be fraudulent. The new document released by Taitz bears none of the obvious traits of a hoax.

One of the issues Taitz must deal with will be the authentication of the document. Critics immediately jumped on the Feb. 17, 1964, date for the document, explaining that the "republic" of Kenya wasn't assembled until in December of that year.

Media Matters wrote, "Sorry, WorldNetDaily: Kenya wasn't a republic until Dec. 1964."

But Kenya's official independence was in 1963, and any number of labels could have been applied to government documents during that time period." -- from my link


I would take anything Orly Taitz says with a grain of salt. She is not doing this issue any favors. See Andy Martin's commentary for a good synopsis on her: http://contrariancommentary.blogspot.com/2009/08/andy-martin-says-its-time-to-bring-down.html

A brief look at her blog and you will quickly realize how ill-prepared she is to deal with any of this, despite her good intentions. http://www.orlytaitzesq.com/blog1/


I didn't say it was true, I said it was legitimate, which means "in accordance with the law." Which, in turn, is what I thought we were talking about.


"Legitimate" has another definition, namely "genuine." And that is what we're talking about.


what is the end goal here with this birth certificate stuff? To kick out the first black president due to a technicality? Not something I want to see.

I want him kicked out due to his lame ideas and the content of his character.


Lol. I don't believe in any of this stuff but not being eligible seems like a pretty big "technicality".