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A.I. Powerlifting Coaching?

Seen this pop onto my feed recently. Garrett Blevins made one and Chad Wesley Smith and Juggernaut Training Systems have got ones and are continually developing them.

It’s not the cheapest thing at a bit less than 30 bucks a month.

I might try it out and review it next year when they make an easy to access app and work out bugs.

I’m wondering what you guys think? What sounds good? Potential problems? What it means for the future of programs templates and coaching?

If you are data driven about your training, you track everything, you analyse what worked, what didn’t work via inspecting your logs then I think this could be a valuable tool - it would save you a lot of time / effort.

If you do things more by instinct and gut then this thing would probably piss you off haha.

This is cool now but it will be really awesome when they can get the AI to do technique analysis on videos of the lifts and use that to identify the optimal accessory lifts.

I don’t think it’s really that complex enough to need AI or something. A quick vid and I think we can spot what’s going on and then vids or articles like this ez

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