A hungry T-Man

Hey T-Gang, Recently I have had some work schedule alterations and find myself training in the morning more often than not. My question is: what would be a great breakfast/preworkout meal? I know alot of people recomend something light which usually works for me in the afternoon, but if I try this same approach in the morning I find myself famished mid-workout.

extra lean ground beef and eggs. (ground beef ala John Berardi) Precook the beef and then when you go to scramble the whole eggs, pour the beef right in there with it. yummy

Heya Manimals. I usually do an MRP (preferably Grow!) with some strawberries or mango. I recently found that an awesome combo is chocolate Grow! and natural chashew butter (you can find it at a natural foods store or Health Nuts)

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This might be a little different but it works for me. I have an MRP before I work out. After I workout, I have 4 eggbeaters, about a half can of B&M baked beans and 1 slice of bacon for flavor. I smother the eggs and beans with good hot salsa. I also have a piece of rye or pumpernickel toast with it. It runs about 40 grams of protein and very little fat and, if you like huevos rancheros, it tastes great.




LOL. But I sure can run fast in the morning and my car gets about 200 miles to the gallon. Beans and salsa are cheaper than gasoline!!

Thanks a ton T-pals, I will give it a try in the morn. I noticed you all seemed to shy away from high carb, is there any reasoning behind this? Just curious. Also how much time before you hit the iron do you eat? 1-2 hours?

No carbs preworkout for me, or I will crash badly. Anything that has protein and fats in it and as much veggies as I want, approximately 1.5-2 hours before working out.

Ok, Will do. Prior to today I was trying low GI carbs like oatmeal w/2scoops of protein about 90 minutes prior to workout but was experiences a severe drop off in energy mid workout. This morn I went the steak and egg route and am happy to report my workout was a success.

I also switched to the protein+fat preworkout. I workout at night, so by the time my workout comes, I’ve had 2 carb meals but the second one is a good 6 hours before my workout. 2 hours before my workout I have some lean ground beef. During my workout I drink a litre of kool-aid that has 24 grams of dextrose in it. This has improved my workouts tremendously. Anyone else trying this?

I have the smae problem, except i get sick when i eat before training…does anyone recomend waking up early and eating, and then going back to bed?

I have been Doing Peanut butter sandwhiches, and found that all the fat keeps me from having such a severe crash mid-workout.

If I do not get some carbs in my AM feeding I am famished by early afternoon. Try Quaker oats that did the trick for me just do not go overboard.

Remember guys, that he said he is working out in the morning, so my guess is that he doesn’t have 2 hours for the food to digest. - BTW, don’t wake up early and eat, then go back to bed - sleep is anabolic, stick with sleeping through the night.

Try this:

After waking up, drink a small whey-only protein shake (25g) with about 25g of dextrose. This will take you from your catabolic morning state to an anabolic one, but the food will digest very quickly so you are not bogged down during your workout.

Then on the way to the gym, eat an orange, apple, grapes, or other low-GI carb so that you don’t crash during your workout.

Then, immediately after your workout, drink a huge whey protein shake (100g) with 50-100g dextrose, and add creatine and ALA. This will spike insulin and force the creatine into your system as well as take you into super-anabolic time with fast-acting whey.

One hour later drink a 50/50 combo of whey and casein with a low-GI carb, and Omega-3 fatty acids which will provide you with slow digestion of very anabolic substances, keeping you in an anabolic state throughout the morning.

Now, this is a lot of protein shakes early, but then you are done for the day. Continue by eating a normal lunch (w/ protein and low-GI carbs), a snack at, say, 3:00 p.m. (w/ p. and c.), and normal dinner (w/ p. and c.).

Then before bed, take one last shake with as much casein as you can tolerate (it tastes bad, so mix with whey), and add more omega-3 fatty acids to slow digestion, thus keeping you in an anabolic state through the night.

Hope this helps.


I also neglected to mention that I sip a conconction of 2.5 servings of gatorade and 2 servings of Branch chains(tastes like sewage) during my workout. It helps a bit

what if any signifigance would your evening meal the night before have on this problem robusto? do you get enough carbs at the end of the day?

Actually I usually slurp down an MRP right before bed-time and some EFA’s, but I don’t know how much of that carries through to the next day, or if it is all used in rebuilding my previous day’s gym experience

What you mean you don’t pump iron on an empty stomach like bill phillips? Just kidding. Try an MRP man

Along the lines of the pb sandwhich… I like to mix up 2 tbspoons of peanut butter and a bunch of honey, mix and roll it into a big ball, put peanuts on the outside… you can eat some bread with it if you want complete protein… you could also try the protein shake idea but whatever you do don’t put dextrose in… PUT HONEY in- i got this tip from the supertraining egroup, it helps- no crash because it’s supposed to have a timed release of glucose or something like that.

Thanks d-man, its funny you should make that suggestion I just finished a protein shake with peanut butter, I like the idea because it is a bit slower to digest cause of all the fats, in fact i can usually still burp up a bit of it midworkout j/k. would it be okay to throw in a bana or something to give me the full feeling, or should i avoid the carb/fat combo pre-workout?