A huge request.

Hey guys,

I know this is asking a lot, but here goes.

Would any of you guys that really know how to deadlift (Goldberg, Heavythrower) consider posting a series of potos that show the start, center, and finish of the lift.

Now, before everbody flames me. I have done a search, and read some great training articles. I just want to make sure I get the proper form down. I work out at home, and except for my son, almost always alone.


This site has videos of almost every lift you can think of.Better than pictures.

do a yahoo search for chuck vogephol (sp??) there are tons of videos of his 800 pound deadlift on the net…big martin

Paulbruce thats an awesome site thanks for posting


I?m in a similar situation to Scott.

I downloaded the video at bsu.edu.
Is the form on the video ok? I read everywhere about the arched back but this guy rounds it a little.

If i do them this way they kill my back (in a good sense). If have
my back arched i need to squat real low (almost a full squat) and i feel like doing a weird squat with the weight in my hands (and they kill my quads).

Any idea?


Just an interesting side note…the weight room in the pictures is where I lift at during the school year and I know the guys that are pictured doing almost all of the lifts. One of them is even my coach.

trust me the guys at bsu are right they know there shit, and matt wenning there coach is a great coach…big martin

I have a video of my last PR on my Sumo deadlift, about 135lbs I think - I can post it if you want :slight_smile:

cheers for the link, those vids are cool. Shame about the 1 armed chin up not having a vid!

Thanks for the help guys.

great site

Thanks for the help too.

There are also some lifts videos at


Also check out www.joeskopec.com for a videos of deadlifts and plenty of deadlift assist lifts!


Hey Paulie, that is a great site! Thanks for the link.


Your sumo dead PR is only 135? Man, I know you clean more than that. Your dead should be much higher.