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A Huge Lump on my Ass


So here’s my story:
It’s my first cycle ever and I’m shooting 1 cc 500mg/ml test enth once a week and 1/2cc of 250mg/ml twice a week. Well Sunday night I applied the test shot and woke up the next day in an unbearable pain. I had a bulge of muscle at the injection site. I may have pushed in the liquid fast but I don’t have health insurance and I don’t want to go to the doctor if it’s something that will go away.

The swelling: My ass check has an ass check at this point. It hurts to stand, move, drive, roll over in bed. Virtually anything that occupies the muscle will cause it some sort of discomfort


This is really starting to shit me. Newbies do a fucking search on PIP before posting a question. We seem to be answering this same question every couple of days.


Bro that’s all you had to say. It’s not something that’s commonly spoken about. You could cut out all the bullshit out and just say “research PIP”


I could have said a lot more in fact I and many other people have already done so many times recently. I don’t even count myself as a vet, one of the real vets would have torn you a new arsehole. Its nothing personal, you just get sick of answering the same question all the time.
You and any other newbies should have researched PIP or whatever topic before posting a question. Even if you didn’t do a search, you could have scrolled down the pharma page and read at least one listing about PIP that would have pointed you in the right direction.

If you haven’t already found out, your high mg, 500mg/ml test has Ethyl Oleate as a solvent. This stuff can cause your symptoms, if it doesn’t agree with you. Some people don’t have any problems with it. It is pretty darn painful, you can either tough it out through the rest of your cycle, or ditch the 500mg/ml stuff and get some more 250mg test from your supplier. Test 250mg/ml doesn’t need EO to keep it in solution, but some labs put it in anyway, tell your supplier you want some without EO.