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A HOWTO: Search DJ's Get Up!


Hey all,

Just wanted to give you all a quick recipe for finding some of DJs writings that are buried in the Get Up! archives at www.danjohn.org/coach .

Anyway, here goes:

  1. go to google

  2. put in your search terms (e.g. RDL)

  3. then add ("GET UP!", filetype:pdf, site:danjohn.org)

  4. run your search

For example, putting this together to find romanian deadlift stuff out of Get Up, you would put this in the search box:

rdl "get up" filetype:pdf site:danjohn.org

The resulting page should get you something like this:


Hope this helps you and saves Dan some work.



Bump ... good job ... thanks!

pop quiz: how many pieces is the body?



Pop Quiz answer:

the body is divided into the sum of the parts multipled by the square root of the whole

= one piece!

It makes more and more sense every day I train.

Dan John Rocks


I'm with ya. DJ rocks. I'm a former runner, now an olympic lifter, and Dan John admirer.
Thanks for the search tip it will speed my quest for DJ knowledge and guidance.


Great post - maybe we can get a sticky thread in the tech forum?


quality, dunno why I'd never thought of this... Very useful, thank you.


Dan John could bitch slap some common sense into a lot people around here, if they would take a page or two out of his book of experience. He's the man!!!


Boy, this was extremely helpful. I get requests daily for this or that thing written in an article and I don't know how to find it without the hard copies. Truth is...we have so much stuff in the Get UPs that I don't always remember where something started and where it ended. Thanks...


Just read Dan John's FREE e-book "From the Ground Up". A good short read full of useful information, anecdotes and Dan Johnese.

I am putting plates under my toes next time I do snatches and am really going to lower the weight on my RDL's and work on push my rear end back to lower the bar.


Sully, it works really well. I'm amazed some times how simple it is...


Thanks a lot on this. I'm constantly being e-mailed, phoned, letters under the door.... about my articles.

All kidding aside, it scares me how many people read GetUp. I actually do get people asking me about different issues. Dan and I have been trying to find some geek to index the whole thing. Thanks. But, don't feel like you're a geek...unless of course...



No worries at all ... I am about as bonafide a geek as they come ... I'll have a PhD in Comp Sci in about 4 months. Course, I also like lifting heavy stuff.