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A Home Power Rack Question


Not sure if this is the right place to post this but... I've been thinking about buying a power rack and was thinking of this one from new york barbell http://www.newyorkbarbells.com/8515.html

I know it says its load capacity is 1000 lbs but will I be able to do rack pulls with nearly that amount of weight? Will the rack support slamming the weight down with like 700-800 lbs?

Anyone have the rack? Opinions? Other options?


That one is the next model up from the TDS rack I have. I'm confident that the 1000lb rating is a 'working load limit', which means it would support that weight slamming on it.

One problem I see with this model is that it's 2.5" square tube. Might be a little harder to find accessories from anyone but TDS, and even some of their stuff is only available for 2" or 3"


we have this rack. Excellent piece of equipment and rock solid. My son squats 565 and deads 610 use it and it is very reliable. don't let the price fool you, it is a good deal.


I'm also going to be purchasing a power rack next week, for my home gym.

I'm a newbie (~6 months training, ~90kg, 95 bench, 120 squat, 130 DL) but I'll be living at home for the next 18 months (no local gym) and need a rack

I'm considering either a CF475 (£225) or an F430 (£360), with 'links' below

powerhouse-fitness DOT co DOT uk/bodymax-cf475-heavy-power-rack DOT php
powerhouse-fitness DOT co DOT uk/bodycraft-f430-power-rack DOT php

The price difference is somewhat noticable, as I'm a student... Considering my current newbie status, would the additional money for the F430 be a worthwhile investment, or will the CF475 be sufficient? Any advice would be very much appreciated, as well as alternative suggestions!


True I didn't even think about the 2.5 tubing but why wouldn't I just buy the accessories for NYB anyway?
Do you have a link of which one you have jay? Also with the 2.5 inch tubing do you I'll have to bolt it down?


I dunno. Maybe you like the design of another manufacturer's hooks or whatever. Or maybe you like these:



I don't have mine bolted down, but I don't usually slam stuff around, either. If you slam the weight into the racked position while benching or squatting, I'd bolt it down no matter what size you get.


Alright man , thanks for the help