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A**hole Neighbor


So my neighbor who just moved in next door to me knocked on my door at like 7pm on saturday and told me he was having a party and that if they were to loud that I could just tell him and he would turn it down and i was like okay no problem and that was it...

THe asshole didnt say "Your welcome to come if you'd like" WHAT THE FUCK kinda neighbor does that, I mean we were basically the same age I dont even know the fucker.

Im just pissed that he didn't invite me Q_Q im not cool.


What kind of jeans was he wearing?


Then why the hell would he invite you to his party?


Clearly, the only acceptable response to that kind of outrageous passive-aggressive bullshit is to kill that motherfucker.


Going only from your post: I wouldn't have invited you either.


Ya and I'm not going to invite you again! I had so many bitches at my house. It was like Hotel for Dogs but more like Party for Dogs.


it seems like you wouldve understood

if parties are intended to be so loud they cause an noise complaint, then its assumed anyone can walk in and mingle. When I have parties I rarely invite my neighbors because they know if they want to come they can....and they do. Its clear that your neighbor is cool because he told you he didn't want to interfere with the neighborhood's atmosphere and would throttle down of he needed to.

you must not know the rules of partying and for that you fail!


Maybe it was a Tupperware party and he didn't think you looked like the type?


My upstairs neighbor is a major league asshole too. The dude is a spiteful little troll of a man, he watches everyone else come and go from his window. He plays his computer games all night long and when he gets pissed at the game he starts screaming and banging his desk, being a little cry-baby bitch about it. Sometimes he will play rockband (either that or he has an electronic drum set) and then he gets really loud... Fucking asshole, he does this shit at 2 AM. I fucking hate him.

My sister and her 4 year old came to visit me once, my nephew starts being a 4 year old boy and my troll neighbor starts banging on the floor because he was being too loud. He then started shouting something. It was 4 in the afternoon on a Sunday. This guy is a just a nasty little troll. He probably hates children, women, and dogs because these are things that are repulsed by him (my speculation). He's a rail thin little shit with a bald spot and a red face,

I also think he's an alcoholic. He walks around with his arms flared out though, severe ILS, I think the alcohol may be a contributing factor to his delusional view of himself. Honestly, this guy can't possibly weigh more than 130, but he pretend like he is a solid 200. Anyway, he is ugly and scrawny and looks like a troll. No wonder children, women, and dogs don't like him.

I have already filed a complaint with the leasing office, I have threatened to call the cops before, but this guy won't let up. He's one of those "I PAY MY RENT, I CAN DO WHATEVER I WANT!" asshole neighbor types. God I fucking hate him.

Thing is that I actually really like my apartment, and it is relatively quiet for a complex so close to college, so I don't want to leave. If only this asshole would go away and die in a flaming car wreck, slowly and painfully for hours, it would be perfect here. It's not fair, this guy is in the wrong and I'm the one that suffers. I believe in karma, and I am expecting this asshole to get his eventually, but it just wont come soon enough.

I have been far too patient and tolerant. I ask, "when will the same consideration be shown upon me?" I have NEVER treated my neighbors with the same amount of disrespect - why is this happening to me?

Anyway, this goes out to everyone that lives next to an asshole neighbor. Sorry for the totally non-sensical rant, but I saw "asshole neighbor" and had to jump in. :slightly_smiling:


This certainly seems like the most reasonable and obvious solution.


More importantly, why do you care?


Q_Q <----- What does that mean?


I believe it's internet talk for "crying".

Edit: by the way cool new avatar!


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I can soooooo relate...

My wife and I used to live in an appartment with this dead-beat that lived downstairs... He didn't work, so would stay up till 2-3am on weeknights doing karaoke and listening to music...

I'd get fed up and start banging on the floor for him to shut it up a bit...

One night I had enough and went downstairs to have some words with him, but he refused to open the door...

He'd also go out onto his deck and smoke a pile of pot, which would just waft into our place and every other unit above his that had the windows open in the summer...

I'd call the building manager about him, but they didn't care (they'd pretend to give a rip, but lets be real, he wasn't interfering with their ability to get some sleep)... I'd call the cops at around 1am and they didn't care (we'd get the "Can't you just get along" response)...

In the end, we just moved away...

But I swear, if I ever saw that guy in the light of day, I would have punched his lights out...


skaz, wouldn't surprise me in the least if one evening the headline for national news went, 'Michigan college student arrested after cops find missing neighbors head in students freezer.'



I feel your pain. I have a neighbor 3 houses down, this is not the typical single family home more like town houses, and the f....r has a party once a month. Just Saturday Night/ Sunday morning the b.....d started partying at 3 am - 5 am. They went out on the balcony and started talking spanish. My wife is spainish so i dont want to hear it from any of you all. I opened the window and told them all to shut the f..k up. They went back inside. The whole complex is going to call the police the next time this happens. He just moved in 3 months ago, and talks about how he is disrespected by everyone. If he ever says anything to my face i will take his little a@@ out.

F.....g Die B.....d!!!!


I would have acted like his friend. Got some weed laced with PCP. Have him smoke it in front of me. As he's doing karaoke singing I'm a Barbie Girl, I would throw on a werewolf mask. Punch him in the face and run!


The people on the cross street opposite of my house park in front of my house. I want to kill them sometimes.


Porque estas chiando como un bebe?!?! Hijo de la chingada !!!! primero estaba como :smiley: y luego :confused: y ahora :cry: