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A-hole Everson


Has anyone else been ripped off by ex ms olympia hubby? I subscribed to his new magazine strength speed sport almost 6 months ago and have yet to receive an issue. Numerous voicemails and 1 very angry email have got me a email back that an issue was sent to me (this was 3 wks ago still no issue) Has anyone else had trouble with this clown, I only wish the mag was availible at barnes and noble so I would not have to deal with these aholes> I wonder if this mag even exists? Has anyone received an issue?


I used to buy it at King Soopers. Haven't in a few years though.


It may not be Jeff's fault. If this is coming through the U.S. mail (especially with lower class mail), it could be a VERY long time to show up. They have had a tendency for several years now (after almost FULL automation) that mail gets lost more often. With "loose bound" articles like magazines and such it could actually have been destroyed by the machines that are supposed to sort the mail.

Also, someone that is responsible for inputting your subrscription information to have messed up some of it, so it could be going to the wrong location.

Now with all that said, it could very well be that he is ripping you off.


To be fair to Cory, Jeff Everson is her EX-husband.

 I subscribed to his Planet Muscle magazine some years back......and that's when it was still a free subscription (yes I am a cheap bastard).

 I had no probs and like I said it was free.  Hopefully it is just a mistake but I would stay dilligent.



Its a good magazine actually. When you get it that is. I have had a subscription for 1 year and I received 2 issues. 1 of Speed Strength and Sport and one of some magazine called "Athlete". I believe Athlete is a re-named, watered-down version of Speed Strength and Sport, but it had a lot more full page pictures, including some girlie pics(useless filler, there are much better places to see these). I was not as happy with Athlete.
I have no clue what the status of this magazine is though.


I disagree. Speed-strength Sport or Athlete, whatever the hell Everson wants to call it this month is a waste of money and time. I don't think he has a clear direction of what he wants to publish. Originally it was supposed to be a pruely OLing mag, then a OL+PLing, now a sport specific mag. The newest issue has bodybuilding articles and cheesecake fitness model pictures. The training articles are shallow and fluffy.

MILO is the only true training journal worth spending a dime on.


I've seen issues of his magazine at Books-A-Million