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A Higher-Intermediate Program for Size?


Hey guys,

I've been a member of T-Nation for a few years now, reading every once in a while, but I've never had the need to post anything until now. I'm 22 years old, 5'11 and about 205 lbs.

I've been training since I was about 18 years old. I'd train for several months seriously, then back off for awhile. The lack of year-round consistency was due to me being in college as I had other areas of my life to work on and enjoy.

Now that I have a less distracting social life I'm alot more serious about training, so now I get to the point of this post:

I'm looking for a solid higher-intermediate program now that will help me put on more size, with strength as a secondary goal as well. I've always been interested in getting bigger and stronger, not just one or the other. Most of my size gains have come from a modified WS4SB template and 5/3/1 (I went from about 150 to 200 in college). I've sort of used these as staples and always have gone back to them and now I want to try something new. I've thought about trying out a traditional bodybuilding split but in the past higher frequency has seemed to work better for me.

Any suggestions for me? At this point in my training career I'm well past beginner, and not anywhere near an advanced level. Some lifts to give a background: Bench press: 340 (I know it's high, relatively speaking); Squat: 405; Deadlift: 460ish (not sure, haven't deadlifted in about 6 weeks); Standing military press: 190.

I'd appreciate any feedback.



5/3/1 again with some BBB sets? I've been looking into Big Beyond Belief as well which is an odd program but many swear amazing results if you have nutrition and recovery down pat. MODOK was one who I've seen posting about his success with this as well. Might want to give it a read.


What worked before will work again, but with some tweaking as needed (not necessarily a completely different routine). This could include working on quality (better tension/control).

You found higher frequency worked best? If it's high frequency like up to twice a week training for bodyparts, try a 3 way split done 5x/week or so. Keep your deloads in though (moreso for the big multi-joint lifts), so you'll be blasting for a period, then pulling back for a short period...repeat

If you want to go up to the next level, diet is where it's at (specifically, probably more protein, and definitely more overall calories). Push your bodyweight upwards, and the lifting will take care of itself provided you do what has been working.