A Healthier Tomorrow


This is my personal log. Aim is to keep track of my workouts etc. I’m not sure it will be of any use to anybody and I would advise nobody to do what I’m doing (As its probably wrong). But please feel free to give me advice…it is needed.

Biography: 38yrs, working full time (Senile job). My objective is to get stronger, leaner and practice BJJ/MMA. I am not looking to fight or anything. I just want to aim for a healtheir tomorrow.

Training objectives over the next few months

  1. Aim to do 2 BJJ sessions/Week and 2 MMA Sessions/Week.
  2. Complete Mass Made Simple by Dan John (Duration 6 Weeks)
  3. Complete 531 (Jack version i.e. only the 531 sets) x2 i.e. back to back cycles (Duration 6 Weeks)
  4. Repeat Mass Made Simple by Dan John (Duration 6 Weeks).

Then review my progress

Curren Stats
Bodyweight: 90Kg
Bench 75Kg
Shoulder Press 45Kg
Squat 110Kg
Deadlift 120Kg

Of note - I plan to limit gym to either 2 or 3 sessions a week. This will initially vary on the MMS protocol. Later wuth 531 i will aim to do 2 workouts/week of Squat/Bench and Deadlift/Shoulder Press.

Thank You


Day 1:

Away at a conference today. So no weights. However I did a run - 2.4Miles.

Was absolutely drenched - its scorching hot currently and I’m not used to the heat.


Day 2:

Still away. So no weights.

Went for a brisk walk - 6 Miles.

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Day 3:

Still away. Therefore bodyweight exercises only.

100 Press Ups
100 Sit Ups
100 Leg Raises

All done in sets of 10.

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First Day with Weights

Notes -

  1. I have a garage gym. I have some kettlebells, barbell and a dummbell set with adjustable weights.
  2. I attempted one arm press with a 20Kg kettlebell. Unfortunately I could not press this. So used a 20Kg dumbbell. I will attempt to purchase a 16Kg kettlebell within the next week.
  3. Weights below do not include barbell weight.

Warm Up 2 Mile Bike

Bench Press - 7 x 5 Reps weight 55Kg
Bat Wings - 2 x 20 sec Holds weight 20Kg
One Arm Press - 5 Reps weight 20Kg
Complex - 3 x 3 weight 20Kg

High Rep Squat - 1 x 30reps weight 42.5Kg

10 x 25 Kettlebell swings at 24Kg
3 X 10 Sandbag burpee with deadlift (30Kg bag)

I’m done - time to rest.


No training today. Long day at work anyways. Reflection on training yesterday.

The complex went a bit wrong yesterday. I loaded the bar with 20kg on each side. Issues:

  1. Goodmornings - I practiced this exercise with the bar. It felt awkward - essentially I was all distorted with some pelvic tilt. The solution to this will be to continue to practice with the bar. I will remove this exercise from the complex for the time-being.
  2. Space/equipment issues. I have one barbell. I couldn’t switch between the front squat and back squat. The simple reason being when attempting to push the bar over my head it would hit the ceiling. Therefore I will run complex as two separate complexes.
    Complex 1: Deadlift, Rows, Cleans, Pull-Ups, Sandbag Exercise*
    Complex 2: Front Squat, Back Squat, Military Press, Chin-Ups, Slam Ball Exercise*

** Will be a couple of reps with my 40 Kg slam ball e.g. pick up with a ‘toss’ over the shoulder or sandbag press and burpees etc.

Kettlebell swings - I will for the timebeing reduce this to five sets of 30. Lower back felt tight today.

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Todays workout (Monday 25th July).

Family is unwell. With gasteroenteritis. Therefore took the opportunity to workout when they fell asleep. Original plan was MMA class today - but can’t attend for obvious reasons.

Workout performed:

Warm Up 2 Mile Bike

Bench Press - 2/3/5 x2 sets weight 55Kg
Bat Wings - 10 x 10 sec Holds weight 20Kg
One Arm Press - 2/3/5 x2 sets weight 20Kg
Complexes (1 & 2 [previous post])- 5 sets x 3 reps weight 20Kg

High Rep Squat - 2 x 30reps weight 42.5Kg

5 x 30 Kettlebell swings at 24Kg

Overview - high rep squat was challenging. I did not put the weight back, but had to take a breather several times with barbell still on my back.

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Tuesday 26th July

BJJ Class today 1hr 20mins.

Also did single arm shoulder press at BJJ gym with a 16Kg kettlebell - 2/3/5reps x 2.

Gym has 16kg and 18Kg kettlebells. Will continue to perform single arm press at gym. Till I get used to the weight after my BJJ session - rather than as part of the workout. Aim is to continue with 16Kg kettlebell for mass made simple during these six weeks. In repeat cycle will increase to 18Kg etc.

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MMA Class today.

Appetite is going up!

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No weights today again.

Morning BJJ session 1hr 30mins - This was a hard session.

Evening MMA session 1hr - More of a technical session followed by 3 x 5 min rolls.

Overall a good day of training. I managed to get 2 martial arts sessions in.

Looking forward to my weights session tomorrow!

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Friday 29th July

Completed workout 3 of MMS

Bench Press - 2/3/5 x3 sets weight 55Kg
Bat Wings - 10 x 10 sec Holds weight 20Kg
One Arm Press - 2/3/5 x3 sets weight 16Kg
Complexes (1 & 2) - 2 sets x 5 reps weight 20Kg

High Rep Squat - 1 set x 30reps weight 42.5Kg, 1 set x 30reps at 52.5Kg

5 x 30 Kettlebell swings at 24Kg (I will increase this to 35reps next workout).

Overall I’m feeling good. First week of 6 is complete. Five more to go! Will rest over the weekend.

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Monday 1st August

Week 2 of Program

Weekend review - I felt a bit tight with some very mild aches. But generally well and nothing to talk about. Relaxed essentially - no activity this week.

Today - BJJ class. A technical session.

As the weather is nice …I may go for a walk in the evening tonight.


Wednesday 3rd August

MMA Session Today.

I feel fresh, healthy and adequately rested for my next weights session. Doing things slowly. Not in a race … keeping an eye on my goal ‘A healthier tomorrow’.


keep hammering away. enjoy your life while you do it. after you get pretty fit, its pretty easy to maintain. Youl get there soon enough.

Thank you @enackers for the ecouragement.

Another MMA session today. Essentially got roughed up today.

Busy day tomorrow - BJJ in the morning and workout 4 in the evening!


Anytime bro. BJJ getting after it. nice!

Update from Friday 5th August.

Unfortunately couldn’t make to the BJJ gym in time. So no BJJ session.

However I managed to get a very late workout in hence the late entry.

One arm press 16Kg 2 sets of 2/3/5
Bat Wings 5 x 20sec holds
Bench press 2 sets of 2/3/5 at 57.5Kg loaded onto the bar. 1 set of 10 reps at 55Kg.
Complex 3sets x 5reps
Squat 3 sets x 25reps at 52.5Kg
Swings 5sets x 30reps at 24Kg

Rest day today. Aim to do workout 5 tomorrow. I will try to make up for my missed BJJ session next week (I am being optimistic though!).

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Couldn’t complete todays workout. Unfortunately had to attend to family and I couldn’t motivate myself to come back and complete the workout. Thus will aim to complete workout 5 tomorrow after MMA/BJJ classes.

Bench press 57.5Kg 3 sets of 2/3 and 5
One Arm kettlebell press 16kg 3 sets of 2/3 and 5
Kettlebell swings 24Kg 5 x 30reps

Squats, complex and bat wings tomorrow!

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Tuesday 9th - MMA Grappling Session

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Wednesday 10th August

Early Morning - BJJ Session

Completed workout 5:
Complex 3 x 5
Bat Wings 5 x 10 Sec Holds 24Kg

Squats 1 x 30 @ 42.5Kg
Squat 1 x 30 @ 52.5Kg
Squat 1 x 30 @62.5Kg

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