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A Hard Time With Face Pulls


I'm having a hard time with this exercise. I have read all of Mike Robertsons articles about its performance, but it seems to imply that I should feel it in my rhomboids. I never can feel a burn in my back no matter how hard I squeeze, but the facepulls do tax my rear delts and upper traps. So I have a few questions.

1)At the start of the movement am I supposed to keep my arms straight and perform a horizontal shrug (scap retraction) before I pull back, or do I just pull back from the get go.

2)Am I supposed to feel this in my rear delts?

3)Am I supposed to pull the handles back into my face, sort of like a shoulder horn for the external rotators, while pulling back my elbows? In Mikes article "Push ups, face pulls, and Shrugs" it says something about not letting the posterior deltoid take over the work that the other external rotators are supposed to bear?

Any help will be greatly appreciated - DK

Oh and I have pretty good posture so I dont think that is an issue.




Thx Doug