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A Guy Needs Help/Advice

I was a star athlete in high school, but my basketball and track career’s were cut short by injuries. I had 4 extensive shoulder surgeries, in as many years, for dislocations among other things I messed up in my shoulder.

6 months ago I was cleared to exercise/lift/etc., but have been hesitant to.

Now being in college and 21 I have some excess fat and weight atleast 30 pounds more than what I would like. I’m looking for some direction/help to maximize my fat loss and muscle gain.

I’m familiar with whey and Micellar Casein protein, but can someone give me advice on what supplements would and training would help the most. I’m willing to do damn near anything…I’d appreciate any advice or comments you can provide.


Hey bro, stay focused and dont get frustrated. It is going to take some time to get in shape. The protein is good. That’s it. Eat good food and don’t spend your money on other stuff. You are going to put muscle on quickly.

Make sure you technique is tight and don’t neglect anything. Stick to the basics. Free weights are going to get you stronger and help rehab those injuries you had. Good Luck!!!

Oh come the fuck on. All the info you want is already here for free. Look around a little, read old articles and read the new ones too.

You are probably wasting your time on the forum asking guys who suck up the info the experts kick out here almost daily. Those are the guys we look to. You can read their articles as well as anyone else.

One more thing, no supplement is gonna fix your problem. Eat well, if you don’t know how, go read TC’s power foods article (recent), he’s not recommending a food log or any of that pain in the ass shit, and then work out according to advice from Shugart, Waterbury etc…it aint in the pills baby so get past that shit.