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A Guilty Admission

Okay…since we’re admitting to liking certain Testosterone Lowering music…I have an admission to make…I’ve been hooked on watching “The Bachelor”

Okay…before you start ripping the Lion’s balls off, just a couple of things:

1)Soap Opera Producers will tell you that a LARGE percentage of their audience (something like 30-40%) are men…and during College, you want to know where most of the football team was at lunch? Watching “The Young and the Restless”

2)I think that there are a LOT more people in this world who have suffered the disappointments of this thing called “Love” than have not. So people can really relate to a lot to the emotions and feelings expressed when they watch “the Batchelor”.

Okay…with my balls FULLY exposed, I’d like to know if any of you guys will admit to liking the show?

If you like it, don’t justify it. The “everyone else watches it” arguement makes you sound weak. And to say the show has anything to do with love is just silly.

I think Aaron is going for GWEN, baby!!!

Any bets?


I’ve never heard of “The Bachelor,” is it a soap opera? However, I must admit, my parents got me hooked on “Days of Our Lives” at an early age. I still watch it sometimes. Soap operas can be very addicting.

Mufasa, you know I love you, man, but I have to take issue with your stats. I did a heck of a lot of research in college about soaps (my thesis was a genre comparison of soaps operas and pornography), and the percentage of the audience that’s male is vanishingly small. No study had it at over 4%, and most were under 1%. (This tended not to be as true in old age homes, however. I’m talking about people under retirement age.)

I’ve never seen The Bachelor, so I can’t comment on it. It may be that that show is an attempt at a “male soap opera” or some such. But VERY few guys watch traditional soaps with any consistency.

Sorry! :slight_smile:

Uummmm…in a nice, “Testosterone Family” way…I think doog and Char just called me a “wuss”…oh well! (LOL!!!)

So…if you know it doesn’t have anything to do with love…does that mean you watch it?

If so…(if you’re through busting my balls)…what do you think of it?


I love watching the bachelor. Aaron or what not is so dreamy, if I was gay or a woman I’d do him like that (then again if I was a woman I’d be a big ho and a lesbo but whatever). Anywho the previous season I didn’t watch too much since everytime I saw that other dood I wanted to throw something at my tv, I hated that WASPY bastard. This season its ridiculous how much the chicks fall for this dood, he seems fairly geniuine towards them too… as much as he can be to that many women at one time.

Also that heather chick was hot… Aron doesn’t seem to go for brunettes much… the blonds are hot too ooh yea… man’s dream come true… and nightmare.

Seriously…doog had a point…if you watch something, you watch it…enough said…

Now…the point I was making was NOT that this was such a “reality” show (How many of us will go on a date in an empty Hollywood Bowl, with a String Quartet playing, and FIREWORKS at the end??? Not many…)…and I certainly was not implying that it was a show that represented “true love” (whatever THAT is)…

The point I was making is that the show’s popularity probably stems from the real emotions that people feel (both good AND bad) in the PURSUIT of love…that’s all…

While the CIRCUMSTANCES may be contrived (“Cinderella” dates, Hollywood Bowl dates, etc)…the emotions are REAL…

Oh…Char…those stats I heard of must have come from those same guys who go off in the woods on weekends and beat drums to “get in touch with their feminine side”? (or something like that!). But those guys being glued to the set from noon until 2 or so in College was real! It’s was funny that the starting linebacker for the team could tell you about every character on “Y&R”…then kick ass on Saturday afternoon!


I think the studies previously mentioned could be misleading. It’s the old question of stats on self-pleasure (98% said yes, 2% lied). I don’t think many guys would even admit anonymously that they watch these shows. Very brave, Mufasa.

uh,lets see,um,no!!!

I’ve seen it. My wife controls the remote when I’m grading papers in front of the TV. I think it’s just a bunch of gold-digging, fame sluts and one messed up guy. Definitely nothing to do with love.

The stats may be misleading, no question about that. On the other hand, I think that they’re probably a lot LESS misleading than what some soap opera producer will tell the public in order to increase his viewing share. (“No no, LOTS of guys watch soaps! Almost half of our viewing public is male. You are NOT alone…” Yeah, right.)

And Mufasa, I believe you about your teammates. But it’s one thing to come into a school cafeteria and have the thing on right in front of you, day after day (when one would naturally tend to be “sucked in”) and another to make it a point to get home in time (or make other schedule changes) to catch a show. Not saying that you’re necessarily doing that, and if you are I’m certainly not calling you a wimp! Just making the point that - statistically speaking - it’s unusual for a guy to be a hard-core soap addict. (Not that there’s anything wrong with that.)

Peace out, brother. :slight_smile:

It’s all good, char!!! (LOL!)

‘Ya know I ain’t got NOTHIN’ but love for 'ya! :)-!

I have never watched a soap opera in my life. I think I’ve seen two minutes of one in my entire life. They are so ridicuously stupid that I could never make myself watch them. So I don’t think that stat is correct. I’ve seen the Bachelor a couple times, and the only reason it’s worth watching is to see the hotties on the show. I could give a shit who wins or what happens. It’s definitely not real life, and like others said, it has nothing to do with love. Just a bunch of good-looking people finding infatuation with each other. For most of the women, it’s a way to break into tv, film or some acting/modeling gigs. Most reality shows are like that. It’s just a quick way to get into “Hollywood.” But it doesn’t matter. Whatever entertains you is your business. Like I’ve said, I’ve watched the show. I’ll probably watch it again. It’s fun to laugh at people or see how stupid they can be. And there is nothing wrong with looking at hotties.

I watched that fake_ass show last week, when he went to visit the families or whatever. C’mon! Every single girl was saying i love him and i want to marry him and every family was like “i could see her spending the rest of her life with him” how much are they paying these people? i understand how these shows get so addicting but i don’t understand how you couldn’t see how superficial it is.
I am only 21 and i have seen telivision come along way from the - Who’s The Boss days. It’s acctually a little disturbing.

having said that, I hope he chooses Brooke. hehe

I’ve never been into Soap Operas or movies like The Bachelor. This was a Chris O’Donnell flick, right? Anyways, them so-called “chick flicks” have never been my choice for a fun time in the theater - I’m more partial to action/adventure, sci fi and fantasy.

But, Mufasa I appreciate you displaying your more "vulnerable" side here on the forum. :-)