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A Guide to an Upper/Lower Split


Hey everyone...

I'm hoping some of the experienced folks here would help me out designing a decent 4 day split for me. I've searched around and can't decides which is right for me. I'm a little over a year in my training. I've gained 25lbs in the last year on a 3 day FB routine. I've recently been switched to 2nd shift and am now able to give 4 days to working out. Looking to workout on MON, TUE, THUR and FRI before work.

I was thinking a UPPER/LOWER split would be the next step. Not sure if a PUSH/PULL is better though? I'm 6' at 205 lbs. I'm better at deadlifting than squating and basically suck at bench and OHP. I'd like to have a squat day and a DL day and try to focus on bringing up my Bench and OHP. My main goal is HYPERTROPHY! I eat roughly 4k cal a day (3,800 on non WO days) and aim for 315g protein (270g on non WO days). My pathedic lifts are Bench 190 x 6, Squat 220 x 5, Deadlift 355 x 1 and OHP 140 x 5.

I realize I should not be designing my own routine, so any help or info on popular Upper/Lower splits is deeply appreciated. I'll even take a look at push/ pull if you think it's a better choice? One thing is, I'm looking for something with some decent volume. About an hour mabey hr and 15 mins tops to complete. I think I'm ready for the next step!



Check out this thread that KingBeef started in the BB forum


I would pick one of the 4 day splits that he prescribes and stick to it. The key is being consistent on your diet and training while increasing the weights you're lifting. Get stronger, eat enough of the right things and you'll get bigger.

I would definitely check out that thread though. Theres a lot of good info in there.


Thanks Gregron...Very informative link. Good to see that I wasn't far off with my idear of what a good upper/lower split looks like. Some small tweeks and I've got what I need. Thanks again! Any added info as to how long I should aim to stick to the Up/Low split? Is it all based on when I am unable to increase weights? Only then should I look to change reps /sets or perhaps swap some exercises?



hey Bmad.

your diet looks good and your lift arent as pathetic as you think.

My tip would be to use a progression system on the big4 that allows you steady progress for a long time, 5,3,1 comes to mind. just a tought.

good luck :slightly_smiling: