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A Grown Man BMX Bike


Given the skateboard discussion, I thought I'd throw this in here.

I'm interested in getting a BMX-style bike for summer. Thing is, most of these seem built for 10 year olds. And I don't want a mountain bike! So, two questions:

1) Can someone recommend a "grown man BMX bike?"

2) After looking around at all the upper end brands, I'm getting confused as to what type of bike I need. There are more sub-categories than I expected: freestyle, street, dirt, jumpers, etc. I want something rugged but I'm not exactly going to be taking this thing into empty pools just yet. What type do I need for an all around bike? Throw me some quality brands too!


Call Dan's Competition (they've got a website) and tell them your height. They should be able to hook you up. You can either buy a complete bike or get one built up from parts (more expensive). If you've got money to burn, a Fit, S&M, or Standard can be nice. If you don't want to waste as much money, a less expensive Fit complete would also be good. If you're taller, a 20.5-21" top tube might be good, if you're shorter, a 20" would be nice. All the bikes today are 10x stronger than they were when you were a kid, so no fear on that count.

Light is the trend nowadays, but it can get ridiculous (and expensive). Expect a decent bike to cost $300-$500, a really nice one $600 and up. Usually as you pay more money you'll get better, lighter wheels, nicer cranks and pedals, and your bike will magically get lighter.

Look on Ebay for completes, too. You can usually score one for less from some kid whose parents bought it for him and he quit. I built a Fit Series one from parts, including scoring the frame for $50 used from a friend. Compare that to $300+ new.

I would really recommend that you get hubs with a 14mm rear axle if you're a grown-up. :slight_smile: They take a beating. The extra weight of a 14mm front axle won't hurt you, either. Good luck. And expect your wife to tell you to "grow up". BT, DT.


Chris, what you'll want is a dirt-jumping bike. This will allow you to take it on the dirt for jumping, but strong enough for street riding and ramps. Also the chromoly frames are more comfortable/less rigid than aluminum racing frames.

As for size, how tall are you? Top tube length is what you'll want to look at ... if you're my height (5'10") a 20.5" - 21" top tube will be good. If you're over 6 foot tall, you'll want to look into an XL or XXL frame.

Being the rugged, strong dude you are, a dirt jumping bike will handle the beating you put on it. Personally, I ride a Schwinn TJ Lavin model ... great bike that handles dirt and bowls, and just casual riding. I have a different bike for the race track.

Let me know if I can be more help.


I ride the Schwinn Lavin - its a perfect ride that you'd love. Check out:


Get to Jersey and ride with us!!!

In faith,

Coach Davies


Oh ... just a note on freestyle/vert bikes ... generally the frames are small, this is why you should go for a dirt jumping bike.

Schwinn, GT, and Specialized are probably your best bet for getting a complete bike. Make sure the bike has 3-piece cranks too.


Most of the freestyle (park, ramp, street, etc...) bikes are fairly short and heavy - not much fun to start out on so I'd suggest getting a racing frame. Main thing to look for is a top tube (the one you nut yourself on if you slip your pedals) in the 21"-21.5" range. Aluminum frames are the lightest but are stiff and can be jarring. Steel frames are a tad heavier but a little more forgiving and last forever. Make sure whatever you get has decent three piece cranks - cheaper models have one piecers that flex and break easily, especially under bodybuilder bodyweights.

As far as brands, any of the brand name mass productions brands make perfectly fine bikes - GT, Specialized, Haro, etc...If you want to blow a few weeks' worth of your Grow allowance on a higher end frame, I'm going to shamelessly suggest my sponsor's brand, Dingo (www.dingobmx.com).

Aside from ride to the 7-11 for a Slurpee, whatcha looking to do with the bike?


Hahaha...everybody's posting at the same time and giving conflicting advice. Classic!



I was going to start the "How old is too old to ride a BMX bike" thread but you beat me to it.

I just bought a Kona Cowen. It's a dirt jump frame design. I bought it as my urban/ride around town bike and it's a blast to ride. The frame is beefy, which is good for me. I am what my local bike shop calls a "clydesdale." 6'3" 230lbs. Anyway, the only draw back is that Kona only sells this as a frame not a complete bike. But it also means you can pick out all of your own components. The frame design is very versatile. It has disk brake mounts and a replaceable rear dropout. You can also set this bike up to be multi speed or single speed. If you buy the frame from a local dealer, they will be more than happy to help you build it.

Let me know if you have any more questions, I'd be happy to help.

You can see the frame here:


I'm just a hair under 6' tall.

Been years since I've owned a BMX bike so I have no idea what kind of trouble I'll get into with it.

Great info so far. Thanks!


Maybe this is what you are looking for.


ive rode quite a few bikes and the standard STA is top notch. lighter is all the rave now a days. they make a lighter model of it but its more expensive. three piece cranks are a must for you. also good set of wheels (rims, spokes, hub, axle) because of your weight and you will bend them often when you start. racing bikes are too limited to terrain so i would say dont go for that. the added weight will add to workout... makes some tricks harder, how about that for dangerously hardcore. the STA is a great all around bike. runner up would be the s&m dirtbike. height will determine top tube length, unless you flatland.


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