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Tommorrow, Monday, June 16th at 6:33 pm EST a great thing will occur.

Yes, it is my birthday. : )

well happy B-DAY , where is the party???!?!?!?!

no plans for a party yet, but I can always improvise…

Wait until the pics start to roll in from Eva’s party. . . You’ll wish you’d advertised your b-day a little better.

Happy Birthday T-Brethren.


Well, happy b’day greekdawg.

Happy b-day dawggg



We gonna sip Bacardi like it’s your birthday. Girl not included.

Thank you…thank you.


yes I want to see those pics…I’ve heard about those…


kep the Bacardi and I’ll take the girl instead. : )

Happy birthday Greekster.

Happy Birthday “Dawg”!!!

Happy Birthday!

Thank you…thank you.

Yes Geminis do rock…we really do.

Whoever wishes me a happy birthday will subsequently experience a PR in the gym on their next workout.

Well why didn’t you say so??

Happy B-day dude!

Enjoy, have a good one.


Greek, Happy B-Day. Enjoy yourself and take it easy. Have 6-8 meals of carbs+fats, walk into the gym and do a set of kick backs in the rack after you ask the heavy set fellow doing band good mornings if you can work in, write dirty limericks in a bathroom stall ensuring that at least one contains the phone number of your boss (or TC for that matter), walk naked around the change room at your gym completely oblivious to everyone that doesn’t want to see that sort of thing and then stop by the juice bar on the way out and ask them to enforce the “no heavy lifting rule” as the grunts and groans coming from the cage kept you from enjoying your aerobics class and do this BECAUSE IT’S YOUR DAY.

Happy Birthday ya wanker!!!

Well my Hellenic-Canine friend, as a gesture of T-brotherly love I was performing a Risky Business style tribute to you and your Birthday (Today is your Birthday/The Beatles) in my dinning room when my neighbours knocked on my door and asked my to close the drapes and “put that thing away”. With the mood totally ruined I settled for singing softly to my monitor “Happy Birthday Mr. Greek-Dawg” ala Marylyn Monroe. Explaining the nipple prints to Mrs. Cake would be difficult so I gotta go and get the Windex…

Needles to say, Happy Birthday GD!

“For my birthday I got a humidifier and a de-humidifier… I put them in the same room and let them fight it out”

~ Steven Wright


that was a classic.

“We’re gonna sip Surge like its your birthday”

Well, its official…I’m 10 years old now.