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A Good Workout for Shoulders?


Need advice on a good workout for shoulders. Iv tried different exercises and reps/sets but never seem to stimulate front and side shoulders. What do you guys recommend?


Look at CT's shoulder bible article..


Seated behind the neck presses to ear level only, add 50 lbs to that lift in the 10-15 range over time.


I do three full body workouts a week. In each workout, I'll do something different for each body part from workout to workout. For example:

Workout 1 for shoulders is a push press. Workout 2 is overhead press with cables. Workout 3 uses what I call an Arnold press giant set. Using DB's, I'll do a set of Arnold presses, then immediately do a set of front raises, then immediately lateral raises then end with bent over lateral raises. I count each of these four movements as one set. You don't need heavy DB's but don't put the weight down between the four movements.

Hope that helps.


Why only to ear level Scott?

I normally do standing to the back of my neck/shoulders.

I believe one of the T-Nation writers (can't remember which) said a heavy behind the neck press (no mention of to ear) was a major part of shoulder health.


I would rather someone be safe than sorry. I don't see much(if any) additional benefit to the range of motion that counteracts the possible shearing forces on that joint and supporting muscles.

My point is this, pick a shoulder exercise that allows tremendous weight progression and add 50-75-150+ lbs to that lift and the shoulders will grow. Not many guys who can seated overhead press in the 315-405 range(for 5-15 reps) have small shoulders you know? haha

Lot's of guys who complicate training and do 20 sets of laterals and front raises but no serious hardcore pressing do have small shoudlers.