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A Good Workout for Me?


I'm 5'8" and 165. Been lifting seriously for about a year. about 4 years total. Im looking to get as big and strong as I can, Could someone send me a link to what they think would be the best workout for me. Thanks


Check out Vrooms beginners thread. There's really no "best" way to get big and strong. Everyone has their favorite methods and ideas on the way to do it.



How long have you been lifting/eating correctly?


Ive really only been eating correctly for a few weeks from learning on here. Ive already gained 10 pounds and I don't look fat just bigger. As for lifting correctly I don't think Ive been lifting correctly really. Ive been doing like a reverse pyramid thing and always lifting to failure which now Ive learned is wrong. I'm 5'8" and 165 and my 1RM for bench is 275 so im not a total wimp. Im going to try the total body workout 3 days a week but itll feel like im not working as much-Ive been lifting 5 days a week doing a different bodypart a day.