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A Good Weightlifting Singlet?


In my first meet, I wore my coach's Adidas Atenus and really liked it. I was going to buy an Adidas Atenus, but the only places that I could find it in my size are USA Weightlifting and a store in the UK. The one in the UK is about $20 cheaper, even with the shipping, but I am not sure if it will get to Utah on time for my meet on June 20th. Is Adidas the way to go, or are there other brands that you guys like. Thanks.


Mine is an inzer. where are you competing on the 20th?


The Atenus is a nice singlet, but it's been replaced so you may be able to find one cheap. Another alternative is to get a sprinter's speedsuit - eastbay has some nice ones, as does vsathletics. You don't get the reinforcement on the thighs like the Atenus, but you will get a nicer fit than a wrestling singlet. Don't get a Werksan one - they're horrible.

If the ones in the UK are the ones that are on ebay you can always give them a call and see if they can use a faster shipping option.


Thanks. I will have to check out the inzer singlets. I'm competing in Cedar City, Utah at the Utah Summer Games.


Do not wear an Inzer singlet at a weightlifting meet. Its bad form.


I was going to recommend buying it from the USAW site since you're a member, but they're even cheaper at Dynamic Eleiko; only $68.75 shipped



Why exactly is that?


Wearing a powerlifting singlet on a weightlifting platform leads a greater risk of red lights and lowers sperm count


What about wearing shiny gold speedos? I bet you could get away with all sorts of infractions wearing one of those babies.


They sell them without logos (as mine is). Mine was 30 bucks, so it's cheap (it's actually more to get one with the logo). Also a lot of the Inzer gear is for use with general lifting, bodybuilding, strongman, est. They even sell tapered belts and such.

And if you have a problem with powerlifting, we can take this outside, just no explosive movements, and please mind my limited shoulder mobility.


That is actually where I looked first because that is where I got my shoes, and I might still get one from there. I wished there weren't out of the red and black in my size because I am thinking about competing at the Collegiate Nationals next year and I think it would only look good to have a lot of red since I would be representing the University of Utah. If I don't get the Adidas singlet, I might get a track speedsuit from VS athletics. Thanks everybody for your help.


In that case, you should just order from the USAW store, its $68.75 shipped and they have the red in stock