A Good Way to Lower Test Levels Before Bloodwork?

Hello! i am 20, test levels collected over a period of a year and half are as: 315, 280, 337. Only checked estradiol once is at 22. my tsh and other things were to be in order. doctors say they are perfectl normal for a 20 year old man. i am not obese been lifting for 3 years. weight 186, height 5’8. I belive i some sypmtoms include lack of energy, no motivation, soft cawk, low libedo. from my research these levels are low and are probably the main reason. I have not cycled nor do i do drugs or drink heavy. I am plan on going on trt. i know the commitments. currently i have anvar on me as i planned on going on a cycle then getting my test checked right at the end to go on trt. but due to certain reasons i cant disclose i plan taking anvar the night before my blood test to see if my test levels drop sub par. is this a valid way of getting it under 250 which is what my doc said it needs to be to go on trt.so short term anavar a day before at 60 mg and lack of sleep be good enough to drop levels.

You need to run some longer than a few hours. Say 3 wks or so

3 weeks damn jus to drop 80 points. imma try mybe three days. I know peoples test to be bunked from anavar in 2 weeks like 600 to 100. I just need a small drop.

3 repeats of this superset with watching a whole Kardashians episode…

…sorry was just too easy


dont bother just change doctor cause even if you got testosterone the doctor wont prescribe anastrozole why bother wasting your time,

you can test your testosterone in the afternoon and maybe it will be lower.

inject testosterone and test after 2 weeks or 3, or maybe self medicate?

I decided my method. I’ll tell you guys how it goes incase someone else wants to try it. I did 20 mg day 40 mg day 2 and then 20 mg. then imma sleep maybe for four hours n go get tested. I feel like it should cause I already feel woerd or atlesst my muscles.

so you were correct. I ran 20 mg one day followed by 40 and then 20 then got tested. My numbers were the exact same as the last time. like exact same 11.7 checked 3 weeks before, 11.7 this time as well. POOPER. I will try again with different doc.